ProStar Gets New Transmission

Navistar will offer the made-in-Mexico Tremec 10-speed manual transmission in its International ProStar model with the company’s 13-liter engine. Tremec is said to build a wide range of transmisions with high torque-to-weight ratios designed for weight-sensitive over-the-road and city applications.

The company says the pairing will also maximize payload for applications such as bulk haul, but has not offered detail as to the weight of the gearbox compared to others.

Tremec transmissions are well known in the world of high-performance cars, but the company also makes heavier gearboxes and its components are used in transmissions throughout the commercial transportation industry. With Spicer transmissions in its DNA, the company is based in Querétaro, Mexico, with another plant in Belgium. It’s owned by Mexican industrial conglomerate Grupo KUO.

Navistar will offer four Tremec transmission options paired with the company’s 13-liter engine, available with 370 to 450 hp and 1350 to 1700 lb ft of torque for linehaul and regional-haul applications in the U.S. and Canada.

The company also offers Tremec transmissions as an option in its ProStar with the Cummins ISX15.

Key features and benefits include: the patented Optilube system that provides an internal lube pump and pressurized distribution system to ensure adequate lubrication. The Tremecs are also said to have driver-friendly shift patterns, a wide choice of PTO applications, and deep first and reverse gears for maneuverability.

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