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Reman brake shoes promise to fight rust jacking

ORLANDO, Fla, -- ArvinMeritor has unveiled a line of remanufactured brake shoes with a coating designed to pre...

ORLANDO, Fla, — ArvinMeritor has unveiled a line of remanufactured brake shoes with a coating designed to prevent rust jacking – a process that occurs when rust forms on the bare shoe, causing the lining to lift and crack.


The remanufactured shoes covered in a PlatinumShield coating will come with a three-year, 300,000-mile warranty against the issue.


The coating was developed to resist the “micro-abrasion” caused by the movement of the brake lining against the shoe table during regular use, the company says.


“While rust-jacking has been a recurring industry issue, it’s a fact that the increased use of harsh liquid chemicals as winter road solvents can accelerate the formation of rust on shoe metal where the paint has been worn away,” said Doug Wolma, general manager of remanufacturing for ArvinMeritor’s Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket business.


Used shoes will be stripped clean with a shot blasting process, sent through a five-stage wash and pretreatment with iron phosphate, and then covered in the new coating.


Beginning this May, the remanufactured shoes with PlatinumShield coating will be standard on all of the company’s remanufactured production shoes with a MA or R prefix; Meritor MG1, MG2L, MG2, CG and MET OEM aftermarket shoes; and Fras-Le F550, F555, F577, F560, F587, F787T and Combo shoes.


In one test that exposed the shoes to salt and road solvents for more than 400 hours, less than .01% of surface rust was found – achieving the highest possible rating on the ASTM scale.

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