Reman Brakes

TRP all-makes reman brakes

TRP has introduced an aftermarket brake program that offers brake linings for both 20,000- and 23,000-lb applications.

The program offers a range of reman brakes for medium- and heavy-duty trucks and trailers in many different applications, from city delivery to heavy-haul. The range also includes severe-service brake products for high-heat, high-duty-cycle applications like bus transport, refuse collection, and construction. These brakes are engineered to perform to new-brake standards, the company says, at a significant saving over the cost of new brakes.

Single brake shoes and kits are available in 15-by-4- and 16.5-by-7-inch sizes for both tractors and trailers. All products offered in the TRP program meet FMVSS 121 standards.

In the 20,000-lb GAWR range, there are three grades of friction material for single and tandem axles. Premium-grade material is engineered to handle high braking-duty cycles encountered in city pickup-and-delivery applications and where steep grades are also present. Standard-grade material is suited for on-highway, dry-freight, intermodal leasing and straight truck applications. Line-haul, or mid-grade, material is suited for medium-duty, on-highway trailers, straight trucks and tractors.

In the 23,000-lb line there are premium- and standard-grade friction materials plus a severe-service grade.

TRP says its brakes comply with the most recent environmental guidelines for copper content and are asbestos-free. Retailers include Kenworth and Peterbilt dealerships.

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