Sine wave inverters

John G Smith

Xantrex is introducing new power sources in the form of 1,000- or 2,000-watt Freedom X sine wave inverters, and their Freedom XC counterpart that comes with a built-in three-stage battery charger.

The new inverters double surge power for up to two seconds for motor loads, which is a welcome feature for drivers who want to use power tools or other devices that have an initially high draw, the company says. Inverters that offer a half second of surge power tend to shut down in the face of demands like that.

The sine wave inverters also convert DC power in to an AC source without spikes or drops, and that can be particularly important with sensitive equipment such as CPAP machines and induction devices like microwave ovens that use magnets or transformers.

The Freedom X can charge dead batteries that have been drained to 0 volts, while quick-connect terminals support quick installations. It will also deliver full output from -20 to 40 Celsius. With a fast transfer time, the inverter senses a change in power source – like when it’s plugged into shore power – and transfers the load virtually interrupted.

It works with traditional batteries, but will also work with and recharge lithium-ion batteries, which Xantrex describes as the “wave of the future”. The Li-ion batteries can be discharged to lower levels than a traditional gel or lead acid battery. 

The Freedom X and XC both come with a display panel that can be mounted in the sleeper, offering information about AC and battery current, and a status bar with the percent of inverter output.


John G Smith

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