Space-Saver Battery Boxes


Compact space-saver battery boxes now available for Peterbilt’s no-idle SmartAir system on the Model 579 allow for greater spec’ing flexibility with new chassis configurations, the company has announced.

The SmartAir system provides climate control performance through Peterbilt’s no-idle technology that’s is fully integrated and factory-installed on select Peterbilt models. Offering the space-saver battery box option for the Model 579 minimizes weight and further reduces what’ claimed to be the industry’s smallest footprint for a no-idle cooling system.

The space-saver battery box can be mounted to the chassis in a variety of locations allowing for greater spec’ing flexibility, including exhaust configurations with the diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction catalyst in the right-hand, under-cab position. Two new mounting positions are right-hand, back-of-cab and left-hand, back-of-sleeper. These join the existing position of right-hand under the cab.

The battery box is constructed of lightweight aluminum and is available with a choice of either an aluminum or composite cover.

The lightweight, compact SmartAir system is available for Peterbilt Model 579s equipped with a 72- or 80-in. sleeper. It has a 7500-BTU/hour cooling capacity and can operate for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

The system is powered by Odyssey absorbed-glass-mat batteries, which can be housed in the new space-saver box or in previously offered aluminum box options, such as aero-styled or with a non-slip step cover. It has a split-system design which means the brushless condenser fan is remotely located in a low, central position outside the cab for optimum performance and maximum under-bunk storage capacity.

As a factory-installed option, SmartAir is fully integrated into the existing sleeper HVAC system and utilizes existing ducting. It’s controlled through an in-sleeper LCD display.

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