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TMC Report: Phillips Industries expands Permalogic line

TAMPA, Fla. -- Phillips Industries has introduced two new members of the Permalogic family - the Permalogic TC and ...

TAMPA, Fla. — Phillips Industries has introduced two new members of the Permalogic family – the Permalogic TC and Permalogic TC Plus. The products are aimed at managing trailer power and reducing downtime.

The original Permalogic, introduced last year, automatically shuts off the trailer dome lights when the brake pedal was pressed to reduce the risk of draining the tractor battery. The system is also capable of turning off the trailer dome lights when the battery voltage reaches a dangerously low level (about 9.75 V), or when the lights have simply been on for a pre-determined period of time. Permalogic was originally intended for reefer applications but it has since been utilized across other applications as well, said William Phillips, director of sales for Phillips Industries.

Phillips Permalogic TC liftgate battery charging system, introduced at the Technology and Maintenance Council meetings, ensures there is always enough juice to power liftgates. The system provides a 14.4 volt charge to the liftgate batteries, ensuring they are charged to full capacity, eliminating a dual or single pole setup. The charge is automatically interrupted when the brakes are applied, to ensure the ABS system is fully powered when needed. It will re-active after two seconds, Phillips explained.

Phillips said the new product stems from complaints from drivers that their liftgates were losing power in the middle of a delivery run. The company has partnered with Sure Power for this addition to the Permalogic family.

Also introduced at TMC was the Permalogic TC Plus, which combines the liftgate battery charging system with the dome lamp controller. This system ensures the trailer dome lights dont drain the battery while also maintaining a full charge for the liftgate.

Together, Phillips said the Permalogic product line will save fleets in reduced downtime and by eliminating service calls while on the road.

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