TripVision Uptime offers insights for all makes

by Today's Trucking

Noregon’s TripVision Uptime is a web-based application that can be used to monitor the health, safety and performance status of all makes and models of trucks — and in real time.

Users can remotely clear fault codes, initiate bi-directional controls such as forced diesel particulate filter (DPF) regens and ACM resets, and configure vehicle parameters such as idle shutdowns and maximum road or cruise speeds

(Photo: Noregon)

Health and safety scores are color-coded, while configurable alerts can be used to identify issues such as trucks that are struggling with lower fuel efficiency or other out-of-range parameters.

TripVision Uptime also includes predictive fault technology, offering health scores when faults are expected to escalate into more serious issues. That information includes the likelihood of an escalating issue, and a mileage range within which the escalation will likely occur, along with recommended actions.

The remote functions are supported with a proprietary piece of on-board hardware known as the ND2, which Noregon says does not interfere with other vehicle hardware such as telematics devices.

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