Mack Granite axle-forward dump truck

Mack Trucks has unveiled a new range of vehicles for both highway and construction customers.

The company’s new highway-lineup flagship is the premium Pinnacle tractor, but
there are also new models of the Granite and Granite Axle Back construction trucks. Each of the new trucks offers advancements in engine technology, driver
environment, and electronics. A key feature in 2006 models is the new MP7 engine (see below).

The Pinnacle, built on the Advantage chassis and having the familiar cab, is
offered in a 116-in. BBC daycab configuration, as well as 48- and 56-in. flat-top,
60- and 70-in. mid-rise, and 70-in. high-rise sleeper versions. Both the new
Granite and Granite Axle Back models also feature that 116-in. BBC, built on Mack’s ‘Cornerstone’ vocational chassis. All the new trucks have been designed
around the new MackPower ‘MP’ engine (see below).

You’ll see entirely new driver environments, based on “comprehensive research of
customer preferences and ergonomics – including definition of the optimum
driving position for operators of Mack vehicles,” Mack says.

The new daycab includes a 4-in. increase in depth, meaning more leg and belly
room while allowing for a seat-angle recline of more than 20 degrees. Drivers
should also like the new foot pedals. They’re all suspended (instead of floor-mounted) and on the same plane so that the driver’s heel never has to leave the floor when switching between throttle and brake. Combined with the standard clutch-pedal air assist, the design ought to reduce fatigue.

The cockpit-style dash gets a new primary gauge cluster and space for up to 25 switches. The standard-equipment driver information display has been designed for easy viewing day and night, by way of ‘CoolBlue’ backlighting. It can be upgraded to the interactive CoPilot display, also with CoolBlue.

And this one is sensible — primary lighting controls are reachable from the ground.

The steering wheel is infinitely adjustable, and has more swing — up and down
and fore and aft — than any other wheel we’ve ever come across.

The MP7 motor is set back about 4 in. more than normal in the engine compartment to make room for a thicker cooling package that will be needed for the 2007 emissions setup, and that means there’s a substantial doghouse in the
cab now. It’s neatly covered up with storage space and the wrap-around dash.

A one-piece windshield offers better outward vision, Mack says, and the wiper
patterns overlap to make wet driving conditions a little easier. Similarly, the sun
visors meet at the center of the windshield to eliminate glare. And finally, there’s
an all new HVAC system.

Both the Pinnacle and new Granite models feature the next generation of Mack’s
Vehicle Management and Control System known as V-MAC IV. It provides the
programmable features of previous versions and much more – including idle
shutdown, enhanced theft deterrence, tamper detection, and daytime running light
override. If you choose the Co-Pilot version of the LCD dash display, you’ll be able
to access and program V-MAC IV information using a stalk-mounted control.

The Pinnacle 70-in. high-rise sleeper weighs 17,160 lb with no driver and minimal fuel.

One important note: the 116-in. BBC could create some spec’ing concerns, says Tom Kelly, Mack’s vice president of marketing. “There are going to be trailer
clearance issues and possibly Bridge Formula issues if the dealers forget to take the extra four inches into account.”

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