VIDEO: How to Haul 800,000 lb. Generator Vessels

This is cool on a few levels.

Perkins Specialized Transportation Contracting of Northfield, Minnesota, needed to transport 800,000 lb. decommissioned generator vessels from a San Onofre, California, nuclear generating station to a Clive, Utah, disposal site.

Big job, to say the least.

So big that Perkins had to create a custom trailer to get it done. The trailer? 300 ft. long, almost 20 ft. in height, two-lanes wide, and with a 192 wheels.

Three years of planning went into the job. Every intersection along the route was surveyed.

Three Mack Titans were used — one in front, two behind.

Check out this video Mack made on the job — not only talks about their trucks, but all the work that goes into an operation like this.

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