Webb Wheel Products has added interactive capability to its web site
(www.webbwheel.com/aftermarket)enabling customers to identify the proper drum, rotor, hub or spoke wheel for their particular requirements. For each product group, the selection guide prompts the user to complete information such as
application, axle position, dimensions, hole sizes, fasteners and bearing cups,
mounting specifications, and other details. It then directs the user to the
appropriate product(s) based on that information. The user can also use the
cross-reference part number guide, or look for products based on particular OEM
specifications or specific part numbers. Webb customers who would like to access this information so they can save time and easily identify the proper Webb product for their replacement requirements, should a send an e-mail request to
marketing@webbwheel.com or contact the company at 256 775-7548 or 256-775-7526 to attain the appropriate log-on information.

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