Full ELD enforcement delayed until Jan. 1, 2023

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Full enforcement of a federal electronic logging device (ELD) mandate will be delayed until Jan. 1, 2023, pushing back plans that were scheduled to take hold June 12.

The move announced by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA), whose members include regulators in every province and territory, marks just the latest delay in enforcement plans. The mandate itself emerged June 2021, but enforcement of that rule was originally delayed by a year — largely because of a lack of certified equipment.

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The latest extension will ensure that affected carriers have enough time to purchase and install ELDs, CCMTA said in a press release.

All devices used to meet the Canadian mandate must be certified by one of three recognized testing bodies, which ensure devices meet a variety of underlying technical standards. So far, 22 devices from 15 individual ELD vendors have been approved. 

‘No more moving the goalposts’

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is now raising doubts that the new January date is certain, from a national perspective, because four provinces — British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland — have yet to introduce the regulations or legislation to require ELDs.

The alliance has been one of the leading proponents of ELDs, and is saying that governments should have stuck to the June 2022 deadline. Waiting for everyone to be ready in the name of “national unity” may not be in the best interest of public safety or the trucking industry, it said.

“ELDs improve safety, fleet and driver performance and are a cost-effective alternative compared to the current paper logbook regime, which is cumbersome, archaic and can be easily falsified,” CTA president Stephen Laskowski said in a press release. “There’s simply no reasons pertaining to operations, cost, or safety for trucking fleets and drivers not to be ready for escalated enforcement by June 2022.” 

If the four provinces can’t immediately commit to hard enforcement by the new deadline, then other jurisdictions must commit to proceeding on their own, CTA added.

“Without one or both of these commitments, the validity of CCMTA’s January 2023 is in question,” says Laskowski. “There should be no more moving the goalposts on dates and no more delays. The time to finally start this important safety regime is past due.” 

PMTC favors delay

But the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) is in favor of the delay.

“While we have always been in full support of the ELD regulation, the continued issues with a lack of approved devices have continued to plague the mandate. And although we now have 22 approved, industry has not been provided enough of a runway to select a device of their choice and implement it into their fleet in time for the June 12 deadline,” PMTC president Mike Millian said in a press release.

“We are also waiting for a PKI vendor and system to be announced by Transport Canada that allows for ELD data to be transferred securely from the device to enforcement personnel, as well as enforcement protocols, training, and how the regulation will be enforced uniformly between jurisdictions.

“This final delay provides enough time for industry to select a new approved device, or transition from their current device, in time to comply with the mandate, as well as provide enough time for regulators to address some of the issues mentioned,” he said.

Millian added, “I suspect this will be the last delay in full enforcement we can expect to see, and carriers should ensure they are fully prepared to comply by January of 2023.”

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  • Well that’s the best news Heard in weeks can’t find parking in northern Ontario. The parking should go in before the mandates.

  • If the C T A wants elogs fix the parking problem first. Set a pay rate as a min for local driver and a higher rate for O T R drivers. Also come up with a plan to treat gout and liver or kidney damage that is made worse by people racing the clock
    I and others at the protest are very unhappy at the current treatment of truck drivers in ont Ca I and others camped out at queens Park from Jan 24 to March 17 of 2020 and were involved in more recent protests.

  • Hooray
    Proof the C.T.A. isn’t as popular as they think they are.
    We have been on ELD’s for 2and 1/2 years and all they have done for us is increase costs and drove good drivers away from the industry instead of our drivers driving at their comfort speed 95 to 100 km/hr they are always pushing the 105 to 110 or more to get where the want to be.
    Fortunately we have not hired any of these Moorons that have to drive thru the parking lots speeding because the ELD has started.

  • Yet another example that the trucking associations have no idea what drivers are feeling. Devices are the least of concerns with the eld introduction. How about addressing the shortage of parking spaces since this has started? The lack of facilities for drivers to take their off duty time. The fact that more drivers are driving tired because there is a clock determining your day. I’m not saying electronic logs are a bad idea, but the implementation with the current rules in place is not the answer.

  • I make one trip a month from Saskatchewan to Washington state. I drive a 1997 Peterbilt in the summer and a 2003 Peterbilt in the winter. I do not need an ELD for the 1997, and for 6 to 8 trips a year at most with the 2003 an ELD does not seem very cost effective to me. I was a 4 to 5 truck operation at one time. Now a 1 truck operation, 66 years old and started before I was 18 years old. I drove most of North America in the last 50 years give or take. Paper logs in the US and none in Canada till Canada brought them in. I am not scared of progress and ELD’S. I am just asking could there be an exemption for small operators like myself, say under 5 or10 trucks. I know there are other small operators that agree. To improve safety, fleet and driver performance maybe better driver training to help with simple common sense is more important to a cost cutting effective alternative than implementing ELD’S.

  • I’m betting you are all looking forward to the company violation I just got. While finishing my post trip, our people net system crashed and had to restart. By the time it came back up, and I was able to finish. I got a violation for being 40 seconds over. Yup, gone are the Grey areas. Now it’s all black and white, and always falls back on the driver…

  • The Canadian alliance is only a small Minority group of 4500 members. If you want my opinion that is not the way to go, now you have the computer driving you you’re not driving the truck. Sadistic say there are more accidents with the computer than then paper log , why isn’t that looked at and who is taking responsibility. I’ve been driving for forty five years and seeing the driving Habits getting worse only because you have the blind leading the blind and law officer not doing their job with traffic byelaws on the highway so he put those two together and this is what you got the blind leading the blind.

  • I diasagree with CTA . There is no valid proof that elds reduce accidents.
    However they increase driver stress, especially with rhe shortage of safe parking, and they decide when a driver is tired, not the driver.

    • I agree Art. Few malls let trucks park anymore with all the cement curbs they put in. Some hand out parking tickets and there are no 24 HR facilities. Way less 24 HR truck stops
      and if you’re not parked by supper time you are hooped.
      We need more heated rest areas with 24HR facilities especially in Canada. The random wide spots along the highway are good but just don’t cut it.

  • I have been driving trucks over 23 years never seen so many trucks parked on side of the road drivers don’t have time too make deliveries it’s been more wrecks trying to race against time then during paper logs .As I see it everybody is out to get drivers we already have a hard job watching traffic and also trying to get the freight safely delivered let’s get back to old trucking and do it the right way .

  • Yes the more delays the better . The Government needs to deal with the problems that cause drivers to falsely make entries in log book . The 5 to 18 hours to get unloaded at Loblaws, Walmart ,Sobey’s and the list goes on . These are all for free hours too . It is time we get paid for what we do . Enforcement of Trucking companies that steal fuel surcharge money . The company I work for steals 39% of every fuel surcharge dollar

  • I completely disagree with the ongoing lie that logbook are safer. I’ve been driving for 25 years and the governments only want control. And with the big companies in their pockets to support their push to remove all freedom from the industry.
    Large companies will train a driver and have him on the road in three weeks. Maybe lack of training and experience plays a roll in the accidents? Just a thought. No parking and recourse for shippers and recievers that keep us at a dock as long as they want without detention and if we get paid it’s at a rate they decide they are willing to pay not an amount set by the trucking company.
    There is zero concern for the effects on the companies with less than 100 trucks.
    Governments only care about their special interests. How many years have the decision makers spent on the road… and yet they think they know how to better operate an industry than the men and woman that have been doing it forever.

  • You ELD nay-sayers are so dumb and clueless it is astounding.
    How is an ELD any different than a paper log? If you are following the Hours of Service regulations there is absolutely no difference at all. None. Zero. Nada. Nyet. Nish.
    It is simply a more modern method of recording a driver’s Hours of Service.
    What is different between an ELD and a paper log is that you cannot cheat an ELD.
    You call yourselves professional drivers, expect all the perks due a professional, yet whine incessantly because you cannot cheat your logs. You are professionals alright, professional criminals.
    Stop and take a close look at what the ELD is going to do for the driver before you start spouting off that they are terrible device.
    Never before in history has a driver been more in charge of his/her day. A company cannot force a driver to change his/her RODS because the driver has the last say. A driver cannot be reprimanded, coerced, or fired for not changing their RODS else the company will be fined and sued back into the stone age.
    With the ELD a driver has irrefutable proof that s/he has been in a certain place for a certain amount of time. Loblaws questioning your time? Now you can prove you were there. Your carrier now has a leg to stand on to fight for your waiting time pay. Loblaws can’t claim your paper logs are cheated anyways. Carrier won’t stand behind you? Change carriers to one that will. There’s lots of good ones out there that stand up for their drivers.
    Nowhere in the Hours of Service regulations does it say that a driver has to drive tired, or that a driver must drive because their RODS say they have hours to work. If your carrier is forcing you to drive tired because your ELD says you have hours, change carriers. Geez, it’s not that hard to do.
    For God’s sake use your head for more than a hat holder. Think about what is actually happening before you start regurgitating truck stop rhetoric.

    • We need rules that state drivers will be paid for all hours worked
      No company should be able to fine for the load being late if the driver works 9 or more hours each day or weather or break down caused the delays. Pay drivers live a trade based on experience with overtime after 10 hours / day. Require all trucking companies to provide medical care and transportation back if sick or injured. I brought back from the U S in the past 2 years 7 truck drivers who worked for large trucking companies of over 300 units not one of them made a donation or covered the medical care or cost of transportation from the U S by stretcher or wheelchair vans. I and other camped for 7 weeks at queens Park and nothing was done .

        • E logs without those things will disable truck drivers and cost taxpayers at of money
          Then tax truck companies to pay for the injured sick truck drivers
          Do not complain when we have another truck drivers protest and a so called shortage

  • Delaying the implementation and enforcement of this effective technology that will improve road safety and driver fatigue is good news for those carriers who don’t care about safety or the motoring public. They are simply profit focused. These are the fleets that continue to put anyone behind the wheel. Get them off the road and stick with the original comply by date!

    • Them fix the parking problem and pay off the elog with overtime pay. If these companies that say are undermining trucking had to pay hourly overtime. That would reduce profits and still look after truck drivers health I am called a socialist when say elogs and hourly pay and safe parking should all go together. Drivers concern about pay and parking are driving truck drivers to do other jobs
      Elogs will cost 10,000 drivers causing a possibility a shortage of drivers

  • Been on ELD for about 5yrs , the issues for OTR drivers is lack of parking for one. The log book isn’t forgiving. In Canada with our big cities so far apart the hours of service doesn’t accommodate the service we have provided for mAny years.
    Requires revamping before you start , like usual no infrastructure you expect us to make it work.

  • The eld is no safer than paper logs you go to bed when your not ready ,and if your lucky you mite get a place to park ,I have used personal use to find parking a lot of the time,as far as I’m concerned it is not safer because everyone is pushed to the limit, it’s a race against time every day.

  • This the same gov who used large numbers of O P P yesterday to remove homeless disabled people including truck drivers from living a location with portable propane heaters and plug electric heaters than ran up a large hydro bill this winter

  • If the device your company uses doesn’t function to satisfaction. In other words if the device say makes you add all this information continually to say just put yourself off duty. This delays your ability to stay within guidelines and the info required goes no where . It can be put in as a guess. And is it right for a company denies a driver PC use when in a jam , trying to find parking after road traffic. And can they prevent you from being picked up to go home for off duty , when there truck is in a safe truck stop location