Manitoba ups weight allowances to increase competitiveness

by Truck West

WINNIPEG, Man. – Manitoba truckers have been permitted heavier weight allowances by the province in an effort to improve competitiveness for the local industry.

Changes to the Vehicle Weights and Dimensions on Classes of Highway Regulation were announced Jan. 27 during Red Tape Awareness Week, which focuses on reducing ‘unnecessary regulations and administrative burdens.’

“Manitoba’s trucking industry expressed interest in the change and a government review concluded an increase in allowable weight for certain semi-trailers would create economic efficiencies, would not compromise safety and would have minimal effect on specific Roads and Transportation Association of Canada (RTAC) rated routes in the province,” added infrastructure minister Blaine Pedersen. “This change will bring Manitoba in line with other provinces by removing barriers for inter-jurisdictional carriers transporting goods within and through Manitoba.”

The maximum allowable weight is set at 24,000 kg for RTAC semi-trailers with tridem axle groups with an axle spread of three to 3.6 meters. For the portion of PTH 12 from Steinbach to the US border, the weight allowance will increase from 62,500 kg to 63,500 kg.

Manitoba Trucking Association executive director Terry Shaw agreed that the move would improve competitiveness for the province’s trucking industry.

“As it relates to inter-provincial travel, it is vitally important to our members to bring regulations like these in line with other jurisdictions,” Shaw said. “We applaud the Manitoba government for this announcement and look forward to continuing to work with them on strengthening our role in the provincial economy.”

Manitoba is the only province with a weight allowance restricting the 24,000 kg for medium-spread tridem trailer axle groups.

“This is another example of how our province is addressing the issue of red tape and reducing barriers to growth in our economy,” said Pedersen. “We consider this change a benefit for the trucking industry that balances the needs of industry with the continued protection of the infrastructure and road safety.”

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