US reportedly to take step towards speed limiter legislation

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Reports surfaced yesterday that the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is looking to initiate a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would require trucks to activate speed limits., the Web site for US-based Heavy-Duty Trucking, reported the official announcement will come Monday. Ontario and Quebec already require the mandatory use of speed limiters.

The Owner-Operators Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), which actively lobbied against the Canadian speed limiter laws, was quick to condemn the impending proposal.

“Speed limiting a truck at 68 miles per hour, or at any other speed, will not improve highway safety,” said Todd Spencer, executive vice-president of the OOIDA. “All credible highway research shows that highways are safest when all vehicles travel at the same speed and that different speeds for cars and trucks actually increase the likelihood of accidents.”

OOIDA pointed to a University of Arkansas study that showed speed differentials create more dangerous interactions betweens cars and trucks and a study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute that showed speed-limited trucks are overrepresented in rear-end fatalities involving large trucks. That study, OOIDA said, indicated only 4% of trucks in the study were speed-limited, yet they accounted for half of the rear-end fatalities involving trucks.

In a press release, OOIDA repeated its Canadian argument that a speed-limiter law is politically motivated and doesn’t address the real issues about highway safety, such as the adequate training of drivers.

“Hiring the most experienced drivers and paying them professional wages isn’t a priority for most large motor carriers and it’s cheaper to just govern the engine,” Spencer said. “This isn’t a safety measure NHTSA is proposing. It’s a permission slip for big trucking companies to remain unaccountable.”

The American Trucking Associations has been lobbying for a speed limiter law.

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  • i agree with OOIDA that limiting a trucks speed does not address the current issue of way to many unqualified drivers driving large trucks on our nations high ways. in drive a truck that happens to be set for 68mph and i make a good wage and i am also a very safe drive and have been in this industry for almost 18yrs.
    i love my job and the company i work for, they have a great safety record and require ALL of there drivers to run legal and safe. there equipment is well maintained and safe. i truly don’t have a problem with only being able to drive 68mph. i just keep to the right lane unless i am passing a vehicle and do my job the best way i know how.

  • another waste of tax dollars.all the government wants to do is control us. ill be really glad when the trucking industry wakes up and shuts down and holds the government hostage like they do to working people. hos,tolls,taxes,twics,sealink,its only about money. safety isnt there job but somehow they think it is.everything the feds touch only costs tax payers more $$$$$,it would be nice if they would or could fix all the stuff they have screwed up already . as long as we keep paying these jokers taxes there gonna keep screwing us. kinda stupid if you look at it with common sense,we pay them to screw with us .yea that really makes takes the cake aand on top of that they have better everything ,more pay ,vote themselves raises,health insurance, retirement ,the list goes on and on. i think its time to revolt thats what i think,how about you

  • I too am not in favour of speed limiters. I live near Toronto On Canada. I tell you our Canadian trucks which are limited do create some problems on the our roadways. When a truck atemps to pass another, it takes the truck a very long time to pass, sometimes, they just cannot cause the other truck will not let in, or back off. I have seen many near misses,road rage in making when other vehicles want to get by and can’t. Canada and The United State need to reconsider this law. Yes cap trucks top end but do give drivers some room here. We do have speed limits posted on our highway for truck and cars. Remember a few years back we did try the 55 mph rule and it didn’t work. I think you will find the same with speed limiter law The industry can’t find enough driver now as driver and transportation industry is regulated to death. Do we really need more rules?

    enzo carboni

  • If speed limiters are going to be mandatory for trucks they should also be mandatory for cars. There is too much variation in vehicle speeds on the highway which creates hazardous situations. Maybe out authorities should follow the example of Australia where all new vehicles must have mandatory speed limiters in a few years. This applies the law to every vehicle equally without singling out one particular group especially the group that isn’t the biggest problem

  • More bureaucratic interference that isn’t a viable solution. The American Trucking Association, including OTA & BCTA, are associations that claim representation for the industry.
    By their actions, these organizations have a very different agenda.
    Any government branch or association that pass edicts without facts and realities….well, I’m sure this should raise some alarming concerns.
    But we spend all our time bitching amongst ourselves, while the snakes continue to slither through the grass.

  • I don’t understand why we need speed limiters. All we need is for law enforcement to do their jobs!! I point to OHIO as an example. I think if the politions spend as much time going after cars and motorcycles for speed, we would have a better outcome.

  • Two years ago the company which I work for cut their trucks to 105km (approx 65mph),and at first I did not think much about until I realized that most of the garbage haulers running to Michigan pulling 6 axle trailers loaded to the MAX. were passing me and I am hauling brick with approx 87000lbs on the deck.
    I know some of the trucking companies in Ontario have not cut their trucks back especially the companies that run a lot of the U.S mainly because they could not compete especially owner/operators.
    We had no choice in Ontario we were told by our trucking assoc.and by our provincial government more or less that if you did not like it then get out of the business.
    There were lots of drivers and owner/operators that voiced their opinion to the Ont.Trucking Assoc. and the government but it did not do any good.
    The main reason the company which I work for cut their trucks back was because one of the owner/operators got pulled into the Windsor Ontario super coup and when they checked the truck they found that it had not been turned back and the company and driver received a very hefty fine.

  • The goverment preaches safety, Do the job right, and limit all motor vehicles not just one segment of the road users .Four wheelers have no respect for any laws, they need slowing up.

  • the time has come for all of Us to go home for a week — then may be these trucking assocations that claim to represnt Us and our Federal Governments well take notice when the economy in north america comes to a screaching halt and there ain’t a damn truck on the road.
    Here in BC the BC Trucking Assoc and Mr. Landry — have not — well not — and do not represent My interests what so ever at any time —
    the BC Trucking Assoc and Mr. Landry are a old boys school —
    I am from the old school and I ain’t one of the old boys —
    The BC Government have listened to Mr. Landry and His friends for to damn long. I am stake holder why am I never listened to as a driver O/O
    There is no education in the Transportation Industry here in BC.
    The Transportation industry — the Trucking Companies and Driver needs to be educated – The people who regulate our Trucking Industry in BC need to become ( PRO – ACTIVE ) – Driving a Truck has lost all of its glamour
    30 some years ago I was happy driving truck – today I am VERY ANGRY
    I am ANGRY because I am treated like crap and a slave by those who claim to represent My best interest,