The Alutrec Difference

Alutrec Inc, located in Québec (Canada), was founded by Julien Nadeau. Being a former driver and fleet owner himself, Julien Nadeau has dedicated himself to achieving a better understanding of all aspects of the trucking industry. Frustrated in his search for products that met his own strict requirements, Julien Nadeau founded Alutrec two decades ago. After all, who better than a former "insider" to understand the needs and concerns of the trucking industry!

The Controller of Tomorrow, Today!

Three years ago we began a quest to build the industry's first Smart heater controller. We began by speaking with our customers - the drivers, maintenance technicians and fleet managers that use our heaters. We asked them what new features they'd like to see added to the next generation of Espar heater controllers. We then used their input as a blueprint for developing a controller that met virtually every request on their wish list.Introducing...the Digi-Max D1000.