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TransPower’s Totally Electric Class 8 Truck

True zero-emissions freight transportation is closer to reality than you might think. TransPower USA has five Class 8 tractors currently in service at the Port of Long Beach, CA. The company also has several yard shunt tractors and school buses in real-world service. These trucks are not cobbled together McGiver jobs, either. They are highly engineered and look just like factory installations. These trucks could be the long sought-after solution to diesel emissions in areas with real air quality issues. We recently had a opportunity to test drive one of these electric Class 8 trucks and found it to be a very functional alternative to a diesel tractor. We had the truck without a trailer, so we can't report on its pulling power, but the company says the truck is powered by two 200-hp electric motors. That's 400 horsepower, plus you get the benefit of the very high torque output of the electric motors.

SPECIAL! Kenworth T880 Test Drive in 360° Panorama Video

MARSHALL, MI -- What could be better than a test drive video of a spanking new T880 on some really rough terrain? A total 360-degree panorama video, of course. You choose the view; just click, hold and drag the mouse to change the camera angle. Check out this Kenworth T800 dump with an Ohio spec, loaded to 90,000 lb gross vehicle weight working its way up and down 20 percent grades at the Eaton Corp. Truck Proving Grounds in Marshall, MI. Equipment Editor Jim Park pilots the truck through a test course showing off the pulling power of the Paccar MX-11 engine, the shifting prowess of the Eaton UltraShift Plus 8-LL transmission and the gravel-gripping traction of the Hendrickson HMX 460 rear suspension.