TransPower’s Totally Electric Class 8 Truck

Jim Park

LONG BEACH, CA –True zero-emissions freight transportation is closer to reality than you might think. A California-based technology company called TransPower USA has five Class 8 tractors in service now working out of the Port of Long Beach. The company also has several yard shunt tractors and school buses in real-world service.


These trucks are not cobbled together McGiver jobs, either. They are highly engineered and look just like factory installations. These trucks could be the long sought-after solution to diesel emissions in areas with real air quality issues. 

We recently had a opportunity to test drive one of these electric Class 8 trucks and found it to be a very functional alternative to a diesel tractor. We had the truck without a trailer, so we can’t report on its pulling power, but the company says the truck is powered by two 200-hp electric motors. That’s 400 horsepower, plus you get the benefit of the very high torque output of the electric motors. 

Joshua Goldman, the vice president of Business Development at Transpower says the trucks are a work in progress, still undergoing refinement and incorporating newer technologies as they emerge. For example, Goldman says the current design has a range of 80 to 100 miles at nearly full output — as he says, “pulling 80,000 pounds at 65 mph” — but he said they are currently working to extend that range to 120-150 miles while cutting the weight of the truck by about 2,000 pounds.

Trucks like this are obviously not a viable alternative for longhaul operations, but they certainly will work in local, regional, pickup and delivery and probably some vocational applications.  

The trucks we feature in the video are working, licensed vehicles that see daily service in the Long Beach area. Check out the video and imagine the possibilities.

Jim Park

Jim Park was a CDL driver and owner-operator from 1978 until 1998, when he began his second career as a trucking journalist. During that career transition, he hosted an overnight radio show on a Hamilton, Ontario radio station and later went on to anchor the trucking news in SiriusXM's Road Dog Trucking channel. Jim is a regular contributor to Today's Trucking and, and produces Focus On and On the Spot test drive videos.

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