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A ‘new’ recycled day cab from Utah

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Freightliner's used-truck refurbishing centre in Tooele, Utah will soon be cranking out a new da...

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Freightliner’s used-truck refurbishing centre in Tooele, Utah will soon be cranking out a new day-cab, reconfigured out of the glut of used Century Class SleeperCabs.

“We do expect a continuing high level of used truck returns,” explains Freightliner president and chief operating officer Roger Neilsen.

But he stresses the company’s resent investments has it well-placed to better hold the value of those previously enjoyed rigs.

A little different than a typical day-cab, the new unit has a mid-roof-height cab and a slightly extended cabin. Thanks to these and other enhancements, the driver will be surrounded by an addition 45 cubic feet of working environment.

After replacing all of a truck’s side and roof skins using the same technology a new rig would encounter on the assembly line, a reconditioned day-cab is subjected to a 150-point inspection to ensure proper operation. A tinted rear window is installed to maximize visibility and new interior panels and carpeting give the unit that new truck feel.

Fluids, filters and other features are replaced and then presto-chango, a ‘new’ rig — one that’s perhaps more attractive and functional to the typical used truck buyer — rolls off the line.

“The truck meets Freightliner’s strict engineering and performance standards and offers an excellent value when compared to a new truck,” says Bill Gordon, president of the company’s business unit operating the SelecTruck network. “Customers purchasing this product also will benefit from the technological advances of the Freightliner Century Class.”

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