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ArvinMeritor’s Eliminator system aimed at emission targets

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- ArvinMeritor has introduced its response to the upcoming tougher emissions regulations for comme...

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — ArvinMeritor has introduced its response to the upcoming tougher emissions regulations for commercial vehicles: the Eliminator.

The solutions, packaged as a system, have a modular approach that can be tailored to specific customer applications with various performance requirements, the company says.

Two basic designs, a passive system and an active system, can be used for OEM or retrofit applications, and are expected to be available in September 2002.

The Eliminator is a passive system, designed as a stand-alone solution that will replace a truck’s existing muffler. One version of the modular design incorporates a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) catalyst, and coupled with new engine management technologies, is capable of meeting October 2002 U.S. heavy-duty engine emissions regulations.

The DOC controls hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulate matter, while the NOx catalyst controls NOx. The muffler, used to control noise, can be tuned specifically to suit the individual customer’s application, the company says.

ArvinMeritor metallic substrates offer enhanced value for emissions customers due to the lower precious metal content required per system. The advantages include providing improved emissions performance and better mechanical strength.

In addition, these substrates offer thinner walls than ceramic substrates, which lower backpressure and improve engine performance.

The active system, Eliminator with I.R. Tech – a diesel particulate filter with Intelligent Regeneration Technology – is a self-regenerating soot filter system that consists of a diesel burner, electronic controls and a high-durability particulate filter. The burner system is controlled by a microprocessor and enables automatic on-demand filter regeneration during vehicle operation.

The burner effectively controls soot through automatic regeneration, which is triggered by the filter-loading amount. In addition, an on-board computer ensures reliable automatic regeneration under all driving conditions and requires no intervention by the driver.

This also maintains low backpressure. And, since the burner is not operated continuously, the burner-related fuel consumption due to regeneration is low.

The Eliminator with I.R. Tech is targeted to meet October 2002 U.S. heavy-duty engine emissions regulations.

To meet 2007 NOx, HC and CO emissions regulations, after-treatment devices can be retrofitted to the active system. When high NOx conversion is desired, a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is available in conjunction with the burner.

The diesel particulate filter used in the Eliminator with I.R. Tech requires low maintenance and no precious metals.

Moreover, the filter does not require catalytic materials or the use of fuel additives to assist with the regeneration process, thus eliminating sulfur contamination concerns.

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