Bendix unveils fix for recalled trailer spring brake valves

John G Smith

ELYRIA, OH – Bendix has unveiled a no-cost permanent remedy to repair Bendix SR-5 trailer spring brake valves included in a voluntary safety recall campaign.

Vehicle owners can work through Original Equipment Manufacturers or an authorized Bendix parts outlet to obtain the related repair kit, depending on how each manufacturer elects to administer the recall.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on May 10 about the recall for the valves that are both sold outright and included in Antilock Braking System (ABS) kits for trailers.

The recall covers about 200,000 Bendix SR-5 trailer spring brake valves produced between January 1, 2014 and March 4, 2016, including those sold in Canada.

“Under a combination of a unique set of circumstances, it is possible (though not probable) for an internal leakage to develop in the SR-5 unit, resulting in slow-to-apply spring brakes when parking the trailer. The leak is heard or observed at the supply (red) gladhand when uncoupled from the tractor – or, if coupled, from the exhaust of the park control valve,” Bendix reports.

Bendix and Original Equipment Manufacturers will issue instructions in the coming weeks. More information can be obtained by calling Bendix at 877-345-9526, or emailing

John G Smith

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