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Beta testing of automated arrival and departure begins

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. -- Cancom Tracking recently announced that several customers have formally agreed to beta test th...

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Cancom Tracking recently announced that several customers have formally agreed to beta test the new automated arrival and departure functionality.
This new feature will automatically determine arrival and departure events both at planned and unplanned stop locations. It allows for proof of on-time delivery, accurate and timely EDI status updates, and measurement of excessive detention at pick-up and delivery appointments.

Shipper locations for all stops on a vehicle’s dispatched load are geocoded. The dispatch system is fed arrival and departure information and reports for time spent at stops and discrepancies between auto-detected versus driver-entered information are generated.

“We need more accurate and granular visibility of driver activity to reduce detention and unplanned stops. This solution will satisfy that requirement while offering complete integration to back-office systems without mobile hardware upgrades,” commented Paul Easson of Eassons Transport and Maddocks user.

By monitoring excessive time spent at stops during the loading or unloading process, fleet managers can improve customer service and maintain driver productivity. Fleet managers are able to bill shippers who are responsible for excessive delays at these stopping points. In addition, the security of their vehicles, equipment, and cargo is enhanced by identifying unauthorized truck usage, driving patterns, and stops.

“Two major issues that we are currently dealing with are border delays and customer wait times. With this new feature we will be able to track exact wait times of these events. Having that proof will mean we are able to bill shippers and pay our drivers accordingly for wait time,” said Eveline Gaede, director information technology, Challenger Motor Freight, ICC user.

The driver productivity module leverages existing capabilities within Cancom’s mobile communications solutions to identify customer-defined landmarks and significantly increase the accuracy of operational data. This increased data accuracy enhances operational efficiency for carriers by enabling proof of on-time delivery, EDI status updates, measurement of excessive detention at pickup/delivery appointments, enhanced security through detection of stops at unsafe locations, automatic notice if vehicle stops driving, and tracking and auditing of drivers’ hours of service at no additional cost.

“Effective planning and asset management are critical in this industry. We currently rely on drivers to send marcos when they have arrived and departed shippers, the new feature will take that responsibility out of the drivers hands and automate it. This will optimize accuracy,” stated vice-president of operations, Geoff Scott, Highland Transport.

Cancom has established joint development plans with certified software partners TMW, Maddocks and ICC to incorporate support of automatic arrival and departure tracking. Development for TMW is complete and beta testing is eminent. Maddocks is scheduled for completion in December 2004 and Qualcomm beta sites have been confirmed and will immediately begin testing this new feature.

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