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Bison Transport partners with KRTS to supply entry-level drivers

CALEDONIA, Ont. -- Bison Transport has partnered with KRTS Transportation Specialists to supply entry-level commercial drivers for its fleet.

CALEDONIA, Ont. — Bison Transport has partnered with KRTS Transportation Specialists to supply entry-level commercial drivers for its fleet.

Bison will now be hiring entry-level PTDI graduates from KRTS who meet the hiring criteria. Successful KRTS clients will then go into Bison’s one-year entry-level training plan.

“We have developed a recipe for success for qualified entry level drivers and we’re teaming up with KRTS to help meet our goals and objectives. We believe KRTS produces the best entry level drivers in the business,” said Garth Pitzel, director of safety and driver development for Bison.

“We take placement and retention very seriously here at KRTS,” said Kim Richardson, president of KRTS. “Most of our clients have numerous job offers before completing their course and our staff work very hard to ensure they have the best chance for a long term sustainable career with a great company. Bison is a great company and we are proud and excited that they have chosen KRTS to give our graduates an opportunity for success.”

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6 Comments » for Bison Transport partners with KRTS to supply entry-level drivers
  1. Bev Plummer says:

    I think Bison has made a good move joining up with KRTS. I am retired having spent 35 yrs in the trucking industry,20 years as a long haul river running into the US. Over the years I have been involved in OTR training and spent a lot of time trying to get more companies involved in helping new graduates get up to speed in the business.
    One thing I would hope Bison will do is make sure their OTR trainers are trained to teach and are not just in it for the extra money.
    All intruck trainers should be certified. I have seen so called trainers who told their trainees if they couldn’t drive 11 hrs on their first day out they would never be able to long haul. I’ve seen 40+ year old men terrified of going back out with their trainer because of being forced to drive 60 mph in blinding rain.
    Some of my trainees could only drive an hour at a time the first days out and they turned out to be excellent dedicated long haul drivers. I told them “you can’t run a marathon without training”.

    I wish Bison well in this endever.

    Bev Plummer, Professional Driver Ret.

  2. Murray F. says:

    Another trucking company getting desparate for drivers!!!!
    Start paying boys and you get more drivers.
    Trucking sucks in N.A.

  3. Tony Godsoe says:

    I guess it is better than importing temporary workers from overseas like the R.B.C. and some trucking companies here on the east coast. But as soon as the newbies, realize that you cannot make a living at it, especially long haul, even with living on the road, they will move on. When they do the math and realize they run without sleep and days without a shower or a good meal, Unless they can afford one it will change. Also the cell phone bills and 5 percent taken from your cash advances, on pay you haven’t even earned yet. 2500 miles, at .37 cents after taxes is not enough to write home about. Tony

  4. Jay says:

    If you guys would work hard,you get miles (the more miles you drive the more money you make!) not waste time at truck stops and refuse loads because you don’t “feel like” going there. learn how to do logbook properly, you can make good money trucking Here. If its so bad go back where you came from. You drive Cadillacs these days and have better roads than ever. Border times are shortest they have ever been. You Get paid more than any driver ever has, yet you still complain. Nothing will make a difference because the problem is you and your “the world owes me” mentality and negativity. No body gets something without busting their ass, working hard, and keeping their chin up.

  5. S. Andrews says:

    Two comments about some of the comments already posted. Regarding Bev Plummer’s post: Bev…I tip my hat to you for your realistic opinion about the stress’s a new driver endures. I worked ambulance for 25 years and it takes time to develop confidence(and stamina) with any difficult career. Regarding Jay’s comment about having to work had and busting your ass in order to make a living…. this is not a slight against Jay, but he’s obviously never worked for the government. While some civil servants put in a hard day, way to many don’t…including and especially the elected ones.

  6. kevin nastiviak says:

    I agree with the comments made by Murray F. Also, I saw a wrecked Bison truck and trailer jack-knifed in the ditch yesterday just south of Grand Forks, ND in the southbound lanes of I-29 (04/15/13). Hopefully the driver (s) were OK

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