Canadian ELD final rule to be published this summer: Millian

by Sonia Straface

MILTON, Ont. – The highly-anticipated Canadian electronic logging device (ELD) mandate is expected to be finalized this summer, according to Mike Millian, president of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC).

As it stands, the Canadian transportation industry is still waiting for final rule to be published in Canada Gazette Part 2. The regulation was first proposed and published in Canada Gazette Part 1 in December 2017.

According to Millian, there’s been such a delay going from Gazette Part 1 to Gazette Part 2 because, initially, third-party certifications were not going to be part of the final rule.

“Originally part 1 was posted without required third-party certifications,” he said April 18 at a PMTC seminar in Milton. “But after seeing what happened in the US, where they have self-certification, it’s been a disaster…Right now in the US there are at least 400 companies which claim their ELD device is compliant which is bullshit.”

Millian said he estimated more than half of those 400 wouldn’t be certified by a third-party company.

To avoid this “disaster” Millian said he and others have been advising government to go through with third-party certifications as part of the final rule.

“So now in Canada, unlike the US, manufacturers will have to submit their device to whomever Transport Canada decides is going to certify it,” he said.

The other slowdown, according to Millian, has to do with compliance and grandfather date.

“That’s where the biggest debate is,” Millian said.

Millian said the PMTC and the Canadian Trucking Alliance originally wanted the compliance date to be 18 months after the final rule is published, and then 24-month grandfather period.

“And there are some who want 12 months for compliance and zero grandfather period,” Millian said. “Our argument for that is, if you go to 12 and zero, you’re going to have chaos. It’s not doable. You can’t transfer everybody that quick.”

Millian said without a grandfather period, those who have ELDs and automatic on-board recorders will be “punished” instead of those without because “If you don’t have anything installed you have 12 months to research and buy a device and put into your fleet…that itself will take 12 months. But if you have a device installed prior to the Canada Gazette Part 2 posting, and it’s not compliant, you now have to remove that device, spec’ out and install a new device, change out all your back office systems…you have more work to do than somebody who has nothing.”

Millian concluded saying that he anticipates the final rule to be published this summer.

“We’ve got to get this posted in Gazette 2 by this summer and we are told it’s going to happen.”

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  • They are worried about the wrong stuff here.
    The elds will force trucks to shut down no matter what is happening around them. There is no wiggle room.
    Get stuck in traffic and your hours are up. Do we pull over and shut down right there?
    There is an accident in Toronto where do we go there is limited parking in the city. The few truck stop there are have eastern Indian Canadiens holding spots … and the pilot on Dixie road charges 35.00 to park their if they have one of the like 4 paid parking spots open. I’m not rich and most companies do not reimburse drivers for parking costs. Where talking an added 3-4000 dollars a year out of drivers wages that are at the same level since the 70’s.
    The lot on the 403 is gone to build condos there is very little parking from the 401 to fort Erie or buffalo.
    I have seen the outcome in the states as I am an otr driver. The eld is the 1st problem the second is drivers are losing in the upwards of 20000 a year in wages do to stopping earlier to find parking leaving hours on there clock. I’m seeing more drivers like myself driving hours am not awake enough to drive because if I don’t I won’t find parking. Each driver has good driving hours mine are 10 am to 2 am. These are my best hours but I’m forced to drive at 3 and 4 am and I’m sleepy all day.
    I have also driven when I needed a nap because God forbid I sleep to long because the clock never stops ticking.
    I’m watching my fellow driver rush all day, speeding through construction zones, speeding in truck stops to try and make that extra few miles.
    This winter was the worse, I normally would out run a storm by staying ahead of it, not this year. I was forced into shut downs. Forced to drive in weather I could have avoided if I just would have had 2 more hours each day before the storm. And forced to lose money all because someone who has never driven a truck thinks it’s safe.
    If every person had to live by our rules most wouldn’t make it home each night if you lived in a big city or your kids would go to all those extra events you take then to.
    If you want to make us safer here’s how. All student drivers go to an English/ french school only. Must be able to pass all testing in either language.
    When you do mot stops you check every person in the trucks cdl and the amount of people listed to drive on that system, make the eld login by thumbprint that matches cdl holder.
    Only 2 people allowed in cab..i have seen cabs with three and four guys.
    That’s my 2 cents.

    • Quote:
      “and the pilot on Dixie road charges 35.00 to park their if they have one of the like 4 paid parking spots open”

      I had predicted a long time ago and even stated that this would occur in the near future on another news article thread .

      When you analyse how most people think ,this is the unfortunate conclusion you can expect .

      The trucking industry has really become disgusting and unfortunately it will get worse before it gets any better .

      To charge truck drivers for a parking spot at a truck stop is truly pathetic . However, unfortunately it certainly isn’t a surprise .

      scenario: Bob Truck stop & partner Joe at Bob Truck stop
      Hey Bob , yeah Joe . Truckers don’t have enough parking spots at truck stops and regulations are forcing them to stop when a certain amount of time is up on their E-Logs . And there’s not enough truck stops to cater to demand . So let’s exploit them by charging them for a parking spot due to their need to stop …… Brilliant Joe , just brilliant ……….

      Truck drivers need to wake up and unite and create a Truck Drivers Federation to prevent getting exploited . I have been saying this for quite awhile now . However, it appears that truck drivers haven’t suffered enough . They haven’t hit the bottom of the barrel yet . As long as they can squeeze a little comfort out of their constant and never ending exploited jobs, they will just continue to endure the BS .

      But as the saying goes , the nicest flowers grow out of manure . That means when truck drivers really get fed up and hit the bottom of the barrel then things will change for the better due to the enormous amount of ridiculous BS enforced upon them . Once you hit the bottom the only direction left is up . It appears to be a pretty deep freaking barrel !

      The question is how much more BS can truck drivers possibly endure ? When are truck drivers going to hit that inevitable breaking point ? In the USA they appear to have hit it but not quite as they did in Brazil . They just don’t know what to do and how to structure to create a sustainable change favouring them , the shippers, and consumers .

      It’s a simple puzzle in my humble opinion . The pieces are all there . We simply need to restructure them and create a different picture .

      Truck drivers are misunderstood and feel unappreciated . Shippers want to keep their costs down while carriers want to increase their profits . Consumers want to pay less for their goods .

      We know that transportation is an important asset which bring basic (raw)materials to manufactures of which manufacturers create goods that need to be shipped to consumer outlets for consumption.

      (FMMT)Farming , Mining , Manufacturing , and Transportation …..

      In a nut shell those four elements are the backbone of an economy .

      We need to eat in order to survive and function . We need to mine materials if they are not grown , we need to transform them ,and we need to transport them .

      I included Forestry in Farming.

      Truckers are an important element for these sectors and industries to function in order for consumers(all of us) to have the quality of life that they have .

      We need to start talking to each other . We need to begin making friends with the people we deal with . Our way of thinking needs to change and improve . We can do this .

      Something needs to change .
      It must change .
      We can change it .

      As revolutionary thinkers we must ask : And I quote :

      Is there a better way?
      What are we missing here?
      Why not?
      Why not now?
      Do we have the right people on the team?
      Is this the very best we can do?

      Some fear change and or the unknown . There is nothing to fear ! We evolve , our lives change . History demonstrates this . What we need to focus on is steering the “ship” in the right direction .
      A different direction !

      One that serves us all equally and fairly .

      In the trucking industry the “ship” is off course big time . We need to bring it back on course .

      What course ?

      A course that is based on integrity !

      We have been depending on “others” for quite awhile to do this for us as a people . And where has this lead us ? It has lead us to where we are now ! And it’s quite apparent that where we are now is not where we want to be ! So what are we going to do about it ? Keep on complaining ?

      Or make a difference ?

      Revolution ?

      Not as far as what it’s generally interpreted to mean .

      Evolution ?

      Yes !

      The most sensitive point in any form of change is found in it’s “transition” .

      This is why integrity is so important in order to make that transition righteous , peaceful, and intelligent . We need to be kind and understanding towards one another .

      We all want the same thing . And in order to obtain it we must start with camaraderie . We just need to create a different and improved arrangement or disposition of people and or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method.

      Dust off that CB . Start communicating with each other . Get excited cause WE are going to create a change ! This insanity in the trucking industry has to stop and we are going to stop it and change it because we can !

      10-4 !

  • Here we go with more regulations to make more trucks on the road doing half the work. I guess no one pays attention to the facts that the studies have shown zero accident reductions due to ELDs. We cant find drivers to do the work we have now lets make more regulations. Great Idea

    • Check this out . You’ll see the semi truck mentioned above with a brake failure rolling at a high speed just before impact .

      Check how the guy who is filming react when the semi truck passes by him at high speed out of control moments before impact .

      And for those who believe that road check brake blitz’s are the answer , he couldn’t have even stopped at a weigh station !

      Again this involves doing things differently ! Rather than road checks which don’t prevent but rather catch a problem , do truck checks right at a trucking company’s yard before the truck exits the yard ! How ?Regulate it ! Make it part of a mandatory safety program ……….

      I can hear you respond by saying : “we already have a measure in place called DVIR’s(Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports) . LOL ! Really ? And how well has that been working out so far ? Most don’t even do them .

      The next time you go by a truck stop at night while truck drivers sleep ,sit there and wait until they wake up . And you tell me how many lift their hoods and inspect the whole freakin’ truck before they leave the truck stop to start their new day ! You’ll be shocked ! Not many ! In fact practically NONE ! Why ? Time ! And most aren’t paid for the inspection they’re supposed to do ! And that is another issue !
      What is this assumption and or exploitation to force drivers to do charity work while on the JOB ? What is this “philosophy” concerning not paying them for all the time they waste during live loading and unloading ? What about waiting/detention ?

      Simply due the fact that most trucking companies can’t afford to fairly pay a driver a fair wage for all the hours they put in ! And this has to change !

      I personally know of a Transport trucking company that does inspections out of their own initiative . They do wheel re-torques etc each time BEFORE the truck leaves the yard . However, we cannot depend on companies having the initiative to do things properly . We must create intelligent regulations to prevent and oversee their implementation in order to PREVENT ,not catch problems .

      This same company has a hard time attracting drivers . WHY ? Because they offer an incredibly low wage ! So what does this company do in order to fill the gap ? They hire immigrants ! Really ? Yes my friends ! So rather than being creative and finding a way to increase their corporate profits while keeping their costs down and offering a descent wage , they turn around and exploit a new comer due to not being able to exploit their own . Wow isn’t that nice .

      I bet you anyone from a different planet looking down on ours would tell anyone on theirs to stay away from earth because it’s a freakin’ asylum !

      On another note :

      Rather than creating silly ELD regulations , protect drivers and HELP them conform without using a stick !

      Create an Enforcement Cooperation Program . Create Non-Prosecution Agreements . ect. ect. ect ! You will be surprised at how fast the industry could become safer .

      The silly laws about criminal negligence concerning drivers is scaring potential new drivers away from entering the industry ! And if it isn’t , then we have a huge ignorance problem on our hands due to the many dangers that await them in the industry . That particular driving criminal negligence law is not the answer ! It’s a “stick” and or a “double edged sword”!!!

      Truck drivers who make mistakes should not be incarcerated with “criminals” ! Especially since those mistakes can be prevented . Truck drivers have been driving trucks for many many years . Is shifting gears due to a manual transmission considered to be a distraction ? Believe it or not , for many drivers it is a distraction in certain circumstances ! Do you think that drivers need the “government” or a trucking association to figure that out ? Most of the law makers don’t DRIVE A FREAKIN’ TRUCK !

      Therefore law makers are not in a position to understand and prevent . They’re simply in a position to react !

      That being said , in a “Truck Drivers Federation”(TDF) which would be a partnership with all drivers collectively owned by drivers , we would already have all these and many more measures in place ! We would self regulate and take care of our own which in the long run would take care of everyone else ! And believe me we would have a program worldwide that would educate all road users about what driving a semi truck is all about !

      The Truck Drivers Federation(TDF) would also own truck stops and believe me drivers would have ample parking ! The TDF wouldn’t charge TDF members(collective owners)for parking ! In fact due to volume the TDF could even bring down the price of the consumable goods the TDF sells at truck stops catering to driver needs and still make a handsome profit that would be redistributed among owners/TRUCK DRIVERS . The more drivers that stop in , the better .

      There’s no need to exploit drivers ! Wow what a concept ! Wake up !

      I could keep on going on but what’s the use ?

      Truck drivers need to start communicating with each other . Put your freakin’ differences aside and form a camaraderie with each other if you really want a sustainable change that won’t exploit truck drivers .

      All these rants about different cultures entering the business is not going to improve the industry ! We need to unite and open our minds despite our differences for the better good of us all .

      By creating a TDF which obviously would pay a truck driver a lot more than simply driving a truck , all truck drivers would want to join . Unions couldn’t even come close . A TDF would truly be a force to be reckoned with . And once this concept becomes a reality and a proven success, we spread !

      Marine Transport , Rail Transport , and air transport ! All forms of transportation labourers under one roof !

      Then we attract Farming labourers , Mining labourers, and Manufacturing labourers and create subsidiary Federations for each but all related to one ……………

      Guess where that would lead to ? The 99% vs the 1% on an even playing field ………..

      And eventually if labourers collectively decide not to manufacture nor transport your bullets and swords , perhaps you’ll find a different way to resolve disputes rather than brainwashing our young to fight due to silly arguments and differences of opinion …………

      We’ll help reshape society . We’ll find more useful toys to fabricate rather than toy guns and toy soldiers etc. Now it’s electronic fighting games . That too needs to change . Why are children attracted to these sorts of toys ? Therein lies a future problem .

      We need to change how we think on this planet . And once that occurs , we’ll change our actions .

      People need to wake up .

      10-4 !