Chevron debuts Delo Traveling Technology Lab 

by Abdul Latheef

The Delo Traveling Technology Lab.
A visitor tries out the VR system.

DALLAS, Texas – Lubricants giant Chevron Products Co. has marked the 20th anniversary of its popular Delo Truck by launching the Delo Traveling Technology Lab at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas on Thursday.

The lab features virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality exhibits, which will offer visitors an interactive experience in engine maintenance and proper lubrication practices.

“We’ve gone on a big journey here, and what you see would be the latest evolution of the latest Delo Truck,” said James Booth, commercial sector manager at Chevron.

The lab’s launch is part of a new customer-focused campaign called “Engineered with Purpose,” which Chevron says re-affirms its commitment to customers.

James Booth, commercial sector manager at Chevron.

“Our new campaign is a recognition of our customers’ need for better education and solutions to drive their business forward,” said Booth.

“The Delo Traveling Technology Lab is the latest step in our commitment to excellence for our customers; the type of commitment that has made Chevron Delo the No. 1 choice for fleets and on-highway OEM factory fill.”

The lab is on display at GATS until Aug. 24, and will be traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada, making stops at various trade shows and customer events, the company said.

The Delo Truck was launched in 1999 to bring information to customers. It has since traveled nearly three-quarters of a million miles in the U.S. and Canada.

Delo product line

As for the Delo product line, the company noted that it had re-engineered it in 2016-17 to meet API CK-4 and FA-4 specs, and deliver improved fuel economy.

“Chevron continues to look to solve specific customer challenges in the ongoing development of Delo 400 product line – with a goal to not only exceed API requirements, but solve customer issues not currently being addressed in the market,” the company said.

To meet that goal, Chevron said it had launched a number of products this year, including:

  • Heavy-duty engine oil products with API SN PLUS, protecting both heavy- duty vehicles and modern gasoline pick-up truck engines.
  • Delo400 XSP-FA 5W-30, delivering the best engine oil life and fuel efficiency in the Delo product line.
  • DeloELC Advanced Coolants, solving recent issues with nitrited coolants and new aluminum radiators.

“We’ve really taken a leap in the past six-to-12 months in really pushing a customer-focused culture in our organization,” Booth said.

Chevron, citing a MacKay 2017 report, also said that Delo is now the No. 1 engine oil choice with small, medium and large fleets in North America.

“By the end of 2019, Delo will be the factory fill oil for 85% of North American OEMs.”


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