FMCSA demands truck stops must stay open 24 hours


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. regulators are demanding that that truck stops remain open 24 hours to serve drivers who are keeping the economy running as America and Canada fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The directive was issued Tuesday by Jim Mullen, acting director of the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

In a letter to NATSO, the group that represents the travel plaza and truck stop industry in the U.S., Mullen said the continuing operation of truck stops will enable drivers to confidently transport essential goods.

“In the coming weeks and months, it will be critical that these businesses remain open, 24 hours per day, providing America’s truck drivers with fuel, food, showers, repair services, and opportunities to rest,” he wrote.

Mullen also told NATSO that all of its members must heed CDC guidelines and follow state and local restrictions.

“Please let us know if we can be helpful to your members as they continue to fulfill this important mission,” his letter concluded.

Mullen’s later came as NATSO announced that it will remain open and continue to serve all drivers during the fight against Covid-19.

Separately, a number of truck-stop chain operators in the U.S. and Canada told Today’s Trucking on Tuesday that they are taking measures to keep the sites open.

Also on Tuesday, American Trucking Associations (ATA) wrote to the Trump Administration, asking for support to keep trucks rolling.

Specific requests included a call to keep rest stops open, and identify the need for guidance on truck driver health, including possible testing for Covid-19.



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  • There’s a shortage of truck parking as it is… shippers and receivers don’t allow overnight parking!

    • Shippers not allowing da drivers to use washrooms ..its really bad 4 us were wrking in dis situation we are nt getting any benefits to plus nobody cares about drivers

  • I’m glad someone is doing something for our truckers. About time. These people are out there on the front lines making sure we will be able to get what the stores have available. Thank u.

  • I agree totaly. Professional driver from Canada who transports goods both ways. We need to eat fuel and rest and stay clean on both sides of our borders. If we stop moving we are all in big trouble.

  • Awesome maybe now we might get some small amount of respect with some realization as to how important truckers are rather than a cheap source of labour .A great time for the government to regulate the industry and purge it of 3p logistic partners load pimps good day .

  • now is the time to get the money and rules we deserve as truckers a little strike maybe and they’ll pay up. mandatory pay levels and pay for all time from home..we’ll never get a chance like this again

  • As long as the truck parking spots remain open to park. Also rest areas along the interstates. Even if there is construction on the buildings. Keep the truck parking spots open.

  • Most rest areas on I-90 and I-79 south in PA are closed. The government won’t do its part in keeping things operational but asking truck stops to stay open.

  • Fmcsa is sesame Street … everyone has no respect for truck drivers from public to the trucking companies and to the dumb cameras on our trucks…. #shutdowntrucking #betterworkingconditions

  • Yes sir keep them trucks rolled were at a critical time the will play a big part in the American people

    • Still no respect for truckers, shippers and consignees throw us out after talking delivery. Not sllowing to sleep on siteClosing there restrooms for drivers. Rest area restrooms in PA are closed.
      Empty words of appreciation. Sometimes I ask myself why I am still in this profession

  • What should be done so before making a delivery call the receiver and ask if there will be allowance for overnight stay and if negative response well re arrange so they get the delivery next day daylight normal working time.
    And if at the receiver and do not want you to use toilet pull away from his dock close doors and go find a toilet.

      • As former truck driver í see respect going down .Maybe this will open everyone’s eyes.Drivérs need food showers rest .Not shut out of everything .Trucks America’s lifeline Thank You

      • Can we all sit up and listen? I’ve been truckin for 32 years. We are sooo behind the times pertaining to a raise. Now’s the time for all drivers to take their holidays. Everyone should book holidays April 1st to April 14. It’s legal as long as we give 2 weeks notice. No strike but we will all have the same time off.

  • We truck drivers sacrifice a lot to bring goods to the public it is a very unhealthy profession long hours sitting not much exercise and very stressful yes we block traffic a lot but we loose valuable time with our love ones if not for truckers you the public would have nothing it kinda hurts when you have been gone from home all week and your just trying to do your job and get your load to where it goes and because your truck won’t go as fast as your car we get the middle finger but we push on and get your stuff delivered we will keep it moving in this trying time and take our chances with this virus to keep our great country strong and healthy god bless you all stay safe and thank a trucker

  • The border must allow us drivers to take home cooked meals along with fruits and vegitables across both directions so that we can avoid contact with in restaurants. For our own protection

  • Was at Kwik Trip in Tomah wi on March 18th . No coffee no fountain drinks allowed due to the corona virus. Drivers could not use the showers also. Very rude employees. Someone needs to call the manager and headquarters for Kwik trip.Also stoped at Flyin J in Black River Wisconsin sign said coffee from 6 am to 10 am . This is a joke.

  • It would be really awesome if that rest area, and truck stop on the I-5 at exit 142 was actually maintained properly and had hand soap and the faucets both working. Only one dispenses water and it’s been like this for months and ever since I’ve been there if I had to stop there’s never been any soap ever to wash your hands. Usually very dirty and not well kept unlike some other rest areas and so close to such a populated area. SMH

    • When I say truck stop I meant the scale where quite often trucks have to park in there’s not even enough parking because of lack of parking areas near Tacoma and in Seattle.

  • Yeah keeping it open…. Love’s attached food places are drive thru only, won’t even accept orders if you walk up to the window… How do they think we truck drivers are going to get warm food to eat? Either give drivers a way to get food from the drive thru or we need some mandate that carriers equip the truck with fridge and inverter strong enough for a microwave so we can feed ourselves…

  • I wish he would tell the states to not close the rest areas even though toilet paper is being stole, we have our own to use,wipes,etc, we drivers have a serious storage of parking, thank u, I’ll be calling my congressman

  • Anywhere u can park a truck should be open to park, I’m sick of seeing no parking signs all over the damn place, it seems there are some jerk offs who have some infatuation with putting no parking signs everywhere, we gotta eat too,just like u.

  • I have something else that burns my ass, instead of wasting tax payer money on roundabouts, that by the way wasnt approved by tax payers, u should have fixed the crap highways, I sick of hitting bumps as big as speed bumps going 60-70 mph, and some of the holes are huge!

  • If you all have to go to bow New Hampshire best not to stop at the pilot because they do not have any showers are they in I have no fuel their showers are working but they are too lazy to clean them it’s a pathetic place I can’t believe it the winner pilot truckstop have a beautiful wonderful day and be save

  • Bow New Hampshire does not have no fuel or no showers their showers a working but they’re just too lazy to clean and that’s what kind of people you get up there I guess they their bathrooms were nasty you don’t even wanna go in there to wash your hands it used to be cleaner than that I don’t know what happened to on the going up there for years

  • Some truck stops have shut down theirs restaurants. However, Agreataction was taken by all thesetruck stops and that is closing down the Buffets. Its no secrets to us all if being in one over all antihigynical to a healthy environment.
    Already a shortage of truck parking mounting to the fact that shippers and receiving are taken over 3 hours to load/unload times runs out, what’s next? The truck appeared to be charging after for parking however they are not giving anything in return. Lastly and to a closing the HOS should really be review since these hours expended at shippers or receiving counts against the 14 hours rules adding a great stress to the industry. Thank you for your time in reading my lines.

  • They should only allow semi trucks in rest areas right now if people want to be stupid and go and steal the toilet paper from them. I can’t believe how stupid people are acting, it almost makes me embarrassed to be an American. And these are the same people that we are staying out here to make sure they are provided for. How we act in times of adversity really defines what we are made of, and so far…

  • Yeah there open..but why don’t you stop general Public from going to the truck stop.. there is plenty of gas stations they can go other than the truck stop…
    Two driver’s and only drivers should be allowed to sit in restaurants at truck stops with in the guide lines of keeping distance. We need to be able to streach our legs.. after sitting for ten to eleven hours a day.
    I am asking that general public be asked to stay away from truck stops.. because I am finding the restrooms are starting to for an example I stop at a Love’s last night and the toilet had urine all over it.. come man we’re on the sacrificing our life’s and time from our families to keep America turning.. right now we are the athletes were in the spot light Don’t disrespectful to us. You see a fellow driver at restaurant with carryout only go through the carryout and help that driver..
    But what I am seeing I am about say the hell with it. You dam people don’t about what we do..or how important we are the sacrifice we make on a daily bases. Then the hell with you too. I can easily park my truck and walk away from ever driving again. 20 year’s.
    All I asking treat us differently..and respect what we’re all doing as drivers..

  • It’s time to STOP using the the NEGATIVE word Trucker. The Road Rebels are long gone.

    Professional Truck Driver is the correct respectful title as of 2020.

  • For 30+ years I have been saying….EVERYONE hates truck drivers. Now do you all understand?

    The chickens have finally come home to roost. The rubber has finally met the road.

    The solution is simple. Now “they” are realizing its time to give us the respect we have NEVER received.

    Simply boycott those state that continue to break the DOT laws by not leaving their REST areas open.

    And if you don’t believe me all you have to do is turn on your television set or any other form of media.

    No one and I mean no one is talking about truck drivers professional truck drivers and the way we are being treated by the nation that we are serving.

    You don’t have to take my word for it find out for yourself.

    Until President Trump step in.

    Those states simply won’t eat.

  • What all of us truck driver need is parking at truck stops. The tA, Petros,and flying j and pilots take half of there truck parking and charge drivers $15.00 to have some where to park. This sort of thing should not be allowed for charging drivers to park. That just adds to the fire of know parking. Its bad enough that flying j and pilots are not giving any loyalty points to drivers unless they put fuel only if you buy anything from there store or restaurant you do not gain any points something needs to be done about the way truck stop charge us drivers to park for 10 hours for our breaks hopefully this will change because we can not be paying 15.00 4 times a week or so

  • Our biggest and america,s biggest problem is D O T regs. Get rid of the 14 hour clock. This insane reg costs us and America a run a week. Companies compinsate by charging more. The price of your groceries goes up weekly. Stop wining and call your legislator .

  • How bout keeping the rest areas open for truckers only.
    We need to rest when over the road and hours run out.

  • I understand the need for a better work environment and better pay, but right now our families need us to provide money and the goods our own families buy, we are essential to keeping this country afloat right now. It’s not the time to strike and make everyone including ourselves suffer. Thank you drivers for all you do and your families for supporting us as we have to leave them. God bless you all!!! Hammer down!!!

  • I think the truck stops should be ran as if they were a usa navy air craft carrier and these great truckers and trucks are at war. When thay pull into a truck stop they should have no doubt in thier mind and that they will be taken care of. Rest rooms and showers cleaned and disinfected and restocked with properly cleaned items. These jet pilots need a place to land and take care of them selves, they are talking care of us. I still keep my cdl up and almost went to drive again, but man we need to take care of these pilots. Crisis or no crisis.