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GATINEAU, Que. — Mullen Trucking, one of twenty five companies making up the Mullen Group, has adopted the Tadger for their fleet and has signed a distribution agreement for the distribution of the Tadger to their independent contractors and sister companies.

In December 2005, Mullen agreed to participate in a 90-day trial, which included a money back guarantee if fuel savings of at least 3% were not realized. Mullen completed an extended road test trial from January to June 2006, with the result of an average saving of 5.38% on the Tadger equipped trucks.

“I am satisfied with the performance of the Tadger Group”, says Kelly Scheer of Mullen Trucking. “In my experience with fuel economy enhancing products, claims of 10, 15 or even 20% improvement are not uncommon. With the Tadger product and a guarantee of at least 3%, we are at least confident that the results are attainable and at 5.38%, our return on investment is in line with our initial cost.”

By installing a Tadger on the fuel line of the engine, the device enhances the combustion efficiency. The benefits from better combustion efficiency result in reduced emissions, extended oil life and improved mileage, according to the manufacturer.

“Simply stated, combustion efficiency is enhanced by more completely vaporizing and burning the fuel. The results of over 70 client road trials on over 200 vehicles logging over 5,000,00 miles and over 100 independent tests ranging from 1 day to 18 months in duration speak for themselves,” explained Terry Hodgson, regional manager Western Canada with EnviroTek Associates. “It is hard to believe that everyone is not using such a simple technology having such effective results.”

Mullen plans to order the Tadger for the remainder of its fleet and will be sharing its experience with their independent contractors and sister companies.

“I have no hesitation in recommending EnviroTek Associates and Tadger Group International to any fleet manager looking to reduce fleet emissions and fuel costs. 3% to 5% may not seem like a lot but spread it out over a fleet in a year and the number becomes impressive,” concluded Scheer.

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