The Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council has unveiled the latest volumes of Your Guide to Human Resources to support Canadian fleets in the hiring of immigrants and temporary foreign workers. The CTHRC says these groups “are vital to the future of the nation’s trucking industry.”

Low birth rates among the Canadian-born population, combined with an aging workforce, mean that Immigrants will account for all the net labour force growth in Canada as early as 2011, according to Statistics Canada.

The guide’s two new modules provide tools and templates for the recruitment, cultural awareness, orientation and integration of foreign-trained truck drivers. Examples are illustrated by describing the experiences of a fictional fleet known as Acme Trucking, and real-world experiences are reflected through ‘Voices from Our Industry’ and ‘Voices from Government’. The content is further supported by a CD-ROM that can be customized to meet the specific needs of an individual fleet.

A related Report for Employers on Hiring Immigrants and Temporary Foreign Workers offers step-by-step guidance for federal and provincial government immigration programs, processes, costs and timeframes. And the Fact Sheet for Immigrants and Temporary Foreign Workers offers pre-immigration and post-immigration guidance to people who are interested in joining Canada’s trucking industry as truck drivers or mechanics.

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