Loophole allows owner to keep on truckin’

VANCOUVER — The owner of multiple B.C. trucking operations has come under scrutiny after three of his five operations were suspended for safety violations.

According to a story by CBC, Bayridge Transport, Bytruck Transport and BA Holdings lost their safety certificates in the spring because of drivers working beyond the legal limit and falsified logbooks.

However, two other trucking operations – and about 200 trucks – run by Bindy Sangara still have their safety certificates.

In light of the news, the B.C. Trucking Association says it wants the loophole closed that allows trucking firms to continue operating under other company names, after safety certificates have been cancelled because of violations.

"A lot of these national safety code numbers go back 10 or 12 years, in which case they were just handed out — essentially willy nilly. In some respects the horse is out of the barn, so now it’s a matter of finding the right set of policies to get the situation under control," Paul Landry, BCTA president, told CBC.

The province’s ministry of transportation noted that operations with multiple certificates are scrutinized more closely and if one safety certificate is removed all the holdings are audited.

There are a little more than 28,000 National Safety Code certificates held in B.C. and this year, 27 were cancelled due to compliance issues. Last year, seven certificates were cancelled.

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