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Meritor launches program for repair facilities

Meritor Service Point programLAS VEGAS, NV – Meritor is looking for “the best of the best” repair shops across Canada and the United States, to turn them into Meritor-approved facilities.

The company launched the Meritor Service Point program yesterday at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week, unveiling a bold logo, and promising full support to repair shops that qualify to join.

“We’ll give them the signage, training, and technical resources to make them even better at what they do,” said Livingston. “We expect to attract the best of the best.”

He said the ultimate aim of the program is to raise the skill level of technicians in the field, and help businesses sell more product.

The program has already been beta-tested in Europe and tweaked for the North American market. It is based, Livingston said, on Meritor’s own research on what independent service garages (ISGs) want.

“They want to be trained. They want technical data. Many of the things they want, we have,” he said.

“Fleets taking their vehicles to a garage approved for the Meritor Service Point program will benefit from Meritor parts that are engineered for quality and installed by technicians trained with Meritor’s deep product knowledge,” he said. “ISGs will continue buying Meritor products directly from our distributers, who will benefit from greater revenue growth opportunities.”

The manufacturer of drivetrain, mobility, braking, and other aftermarket solutions will review applications from independent service garages as it builds the network.

Approved ISGs will carry Meritor signage and promote all of the company’s brands, including the Meritor AllFit and Green series, Euclid and Meritor WABCO. The garages will benefit from product training, greater Meritor brand awareness, enhanced online aftermarket parts search and identification and rewards programs.

To qualify for the Meritor Service Point program, garages must have current tools and equipment for Meritor-approved services, and technicians must train with Meritor either online or in live training sessions to deepen their product knowledge. ISGs must agree to buy Meritor components from approved distribution partners, meet certain Meritor parts sales targets and participate in the company’s future nationally advertised promotions. Approved garages will determine when to purchase Meritor products based on their needs.


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