New lighting standard comes into force in 2021

by Truck News

Transport Canada

OTTAWA, Ont. — Transport Canada is introducing a new lighting standard to help vehicles and drivers see, and be seen, the department said in a post on its website.

As of September 2021, the Canadian Vehicle Lighting Regulation will require that all new vehicles, including trucks, sold in Canada have one of the following:

  • Tail lights that come on automatically with daytime running lights
  • Headlights, tail lights and side marker lights that turn on automatically in the dark
  • A dashboard that stays dark to alert the driver to turn on the lights

The Transport Canada post also reminded drivers that automatic headlights only work if they are set on automatic mode.

“A bright dashboard doesn’t always mean that your headlights and tail lights are on,” it warned.

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  • It’s about time. The cars are getting smarter, but the drivers are getting dumber by the second. Go one step further and disable the high beams until they learn what they are for and when to use them.

  • What stupidity to have tail lights come on with daytime running lights, more bulbs that burn out prematurely. Why have a special circuit, it would be more practical just to have the head, tail, and side markers on all the time, and have them all burn out quicker. When will the government stop interfering with the way cars have made for a hundred years, and let them enforce the way people get trained instead. Also, to get the police to actually enforce the rules and laws.

  • It’s about time. So many times I see even my local police and the OPP driving around at night with only the daytime running lights on and no tail lights.
    Way to set a good example! LOL.

  • I really think it’s about time! I drive the 401 every day/night and there’s always cars with no tail lights on. Police are always reminding us to turn them “all the way on”. We can’t get rid of stupid but we can at least see them!

  • Hope that includes all passenger vehicles I drive up and down the 401 all day long and you don’t know how many Passenger vehicles have daytime running lights on but no taillights

  • Why not go further and get rid of all the off-road lighting that trucks think they need to see? I thought we had laws about lighting, and the use of different colors of lights doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

  • I agree that all lights should come on automaticly as soon as the parking brake is released. As for lights burning out faster, the new led lights will last almost as long as the car, or truck will, so what if you need to change one, safety is way more important, don’t you think.