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OTA criticizes Hamilton committee for dropping proposed truck routes

HAMILTON, Ont. -- The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) is criticizing the city of Hamilton for a "last ...

HAMILTON, Ont. — The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) is criticizing the city of Hamilton for a “last minute removal” of recommended truck routes for an 18-month trial period that could be approved by the city’s Public Works Committee today.

The OTA had endorsed a Hamilton Truck Route Master Plan Study, but was surprised to find some truck routes were removed from the recommendations by the Truck Route Sub-Committee.

“OTA’s position regarding the removal of some routes from Hamilton’s Truck Route is consistent with that of city staff and the consultant team – these routes need to remain in the Truck Route System,” said Geoff Wood, vice-president of operations and safety with the OTA. “The removal of these routes for an 18-month trial, as recommended by the Truck Route Sub-Committee go against the recommendations of the Truck Route Master Plan, city staff and the consultant team and will have detrimental effects on the flow of goods through Hamilton and may negatively impact business in the region.”

The Truck Route Master Plan Study was a mult-year, all-ecompassing study of trucking operations in Hamilton. The OTA says the Truck Route Sub-Committee approved most of the suggestions but then “for reasons unknown to OTA,” removed some key routes including: portions of Kenilworth Avenue, Upper Ottawa Street, Concession Street/Mountain Brow Blvd, Centennial Parkway and Dundurn Street.

“Trucks play an integral role in the City of Hamilton and are the key linkage for all business activity,” said Wood. “Removing long-established truck routes from the system will not decrease reliance on trucking activity in the Hamilton Area. Rather, it will disperse truck traffic to other areas of the city and add unnecessary out-of-route kilometric travel.” 

As an example, the removal of Centennial Parkway will result in an extra million kilometres of additional truck travel annually, the OTA suggests.

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1 Comment » for OTA criticizes Hamilton committee for dropping proposed truck routes
  1. Brodie Chree says:

    This is the same industry that pressures us, citizens of Hamilton, to pay BILLIONS for the Red Hill and Linc. Parkway. Now streets that run parallel to the 403, Red Hill and Linc are taken off of the master plan. After endless evidence that one way truck express routes through our city is making us sick, injuring and sometimes killing pedestrians… this industry has the audacity to tell us we’re risking the economy? Truck off!

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