Quebec announced spring thaw road rules

QUEBEC CITY — Spring weight restrictions are in place in Quebec starting this week.

The Ministère des Transports du Québec reminds heavy vehicle users and shippers that authorized load limits are reduced during the spring thaw period in order to take into account the weaker load bearing capacity of the road network during that period.

Zone 1 restrictions went into effect as of yesterday, March 16, 2009 until Saturday the 16th. Zone 2 restrictions begin Monday, March 23 until May 23; and Zone 3 starts on March 30 to May 30. The start and end dates for Zones 2 and 3 may be adjusted depending on weather conditions.

The boundaries of the thaw zones are the same as last year. Click here for maps illustrating all the geographical zones in detail.

Meanwhile, Ontario load restrictions for Schedule 1 Highways to Schedule 3 Highways and roads are well underway. Click here for zoning maps and precise end dates for each schedule.

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