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Saskatchewan invests billions for transportation strategy

REGINA, Sask. -- Saskatchewan will invest an unprecedented $5 billion over the next 10 years in an innovative new t...

REGINA, Sask. — Saskatchewan will invest an unprecedented $5 billion over the next 10 years in an innovative new transportation and infrastructure strategy.

Transportation for Economic Advantage has been developed to fundamentally realign Saskatchewans transportation network to meet the current and future needs of the provinces thriving export-based economy.

Transportation for Economic Advantage is an integrated strategy that will promote the seamless movement of goods and people throughout the province and enhance our connections nationally and globally, Highways and Transportation Minister Eldon Lautermilch said. Approximately 70% of Saskatchewans economy is export-based. Industries including mining, oil and gas, manufacturing and value-added agriculture have grown enormously in recent years. An efficient and comprehensive transportation network is vital for continued economic growth and prosperity.

Transportation investment will be focused in six key areas:

International Gateways and Corridors A priority will be placed on provincial highways that are designated as part of the National Highway System and connect Saskatchewan to regional, national and international markets.

Urban Connectors The province will partner with urban communities to improve links with provincial highways for seamless and safe flow of people and goods.

Rural Economic Corridors The province will develop integrated and enhanced transportation connections in rural areas of increasing economic importance.

The Northern Economic Infrastructure Strategy The province will build new roads and improve existing infrastructure to link remote northern communities to the transportation network and improve access to natural resources, job opportunities, healthcare and education.

First Nations Access Roads The province will develop improved access roads off the broader highway network to southern First Nations communities.

Regional Shortline Railway and Airports The province will support the continued development and sustainability of a network of shortline railways to improve services available to shippers, and assist to municipalities in the improvement of regional airports.

Saskatchewan people have built our province into a true economic force in Canada, said Premier Lorne Calvert. Economic growth has been accompanied by a transformation of the industries that drive our economy and this visionary plan responds to that shift. This strategy allows us to build on our vast advantages allowing tangible benefits of our economy to flow to all Saskatchewan people, making life better for our families and building a stronger future here for our young people.

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