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Trail King’s new generation blade hauler built to handle longer blades

LOUISVILLE, Ky. —  Driving through southern Ontario towards Windsor and the US border it’s hard not to notice just how many wind towers have sprung up over the past five years. It’s the same in other spots across Canada and the southern and Midwest US.

Clearly wind power is becoming a leading player in the alternative energy sources market. Its growing presence is creating a market for the transportation of wind tower blades and with that the need for specialized equipment that can safely transport wind tower blades, which these days can reach up to 200 metres in length and weigh in around 30,000 lbs.

Since 2003, when it introduced its first blade hauler, Trail King has been one manufacturer bent on seizing the opportunities in this market with specialized product offerings.  Several years ago it came up with a specialized trailer that could haul two blades at the same time, essentially cutting transport costs in half. Since then, however, wind farms have taken to using longer and longer blades to maximize the performance of their wind towers.

Trail King is looking to meet the dimensional challenge with its second generation blade hauler, the TK85EFX. Using hydraulically controlled king pin steering, these 4- and 5-stage trailers can expand to 156’ and 178’, respectively, to haul today’s larger, longer blades and, yet, still close down to 53’ for non-escorted transport when empty.

Trail King’s TK85EFX features include the following:

•  Narrow, telescopic, mono beam, main frame, 4-section – closed length = 53’, open length = 156’-3”.  Optional 5-section model – closed length = 53’, open length = 178’.

•  Wide range of load length settings for the optimal length to accommodate various blade sizes and styles.

•  Low profile gooseneck design – reduces load clearance issues, allowing blades to be oriented further forward without adding to overall loaded height or length.

•  Hydraulic turntable-style king pin progressive steering, Steering angle up to 44.8° on 3rd axle.

•  Automatic or manual steering with gas or diesel self-contained unit.

•  Computer controlled auto alignment after manual steering.

•  Hydraulic support leg to aid in opening and closing.

•  Wireless remote for easy manual steering or hydraulic support leg operation.

•  Air ride suspension HT250 – smooth ride over rough, uneven terrain and roads reduces product damage and increases trailer component life… along with the added benefit of reducing driver fatigue.

•  Air ride raise & lower kit – manual lifting and lowering operation of suspension for added ground or overhead clearance.

•  3 axle, 72” axle spacing.

•  58” front platform height w/ 49” 5th wheel height, platform 102” wide, 28” long with 2 d-rings per side.

•  Adjustable rear load bunk to work with various tip support locations.

•  Pullout non-load bearing rear extension.

•  Heavy duty front “pull out-rotate down” stabilizing legs.

•  Detachable gooseneck to main beam connection – offers option to add future deck extension… a proven, reliable option for future flexibility to expand into longer commodities.

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