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TTSAO calls for better instructor standards

TTSAOTORONTO, Ont. – The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario has called for better driver education standards, especially for instructors.

A delegation from the TTSAO recently met Ontario Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney to discuss the issues negatively affecting the transportation education industry.

On top of the list was instructor qualification criteria, which the group said were “less than adequate.”

It said there are very limited requirements for a person to become a commercial driving instructor, and no formal education is needed.

“Solid educational certification for instructors, and a supply of qualified instructional staff is vital to the success of the transportation industry and a key ingredient to road safety,” said Charlie Charalabous, director of communication at the TTSAO.

“Improving the qualification criteria is something all members of the TTSAO carrier group support.”

TTSAO officials will soon meet senior staff at the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities for further discussions on the issue.

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3 Comments » for TTSAO calls for better instructor standards
  1. John Beaudry says:

    There’s no issues with the current quality of truck trainers. The problem is bad schools not bad trainers. The TTSAO just wants to make money by selling “train the trainer” courses. Forcing trainers to take these kind of courses will reduce the number of trainers. It’s disgusting that the TTSAO will destroy a whole industry just to make a buck. Shame on you TTSAO. You need to fix your schools – not your trainers.

  2. Kristin says:

    The bigger issue is why does the TTSAO support Advance Standing. This allows the TTSAO schools a loop hole to provide far less than the required 103.5 hr MELT curriculum to anyone for any reason. That’s a far more bigger issue than making truck trainers get certified. They aren’t teaching physics, they’re teaching entry level drivers. Drivers will be a lot safer if the TTSAO stopped shortening their courses.

  3. Cara says:

    The problem is TTSAO schools teaching on automatic trucks – not instructor certification. It doesn’t matter what kind of educational background your trainer has – if you train on an automatic truck the student isn’t going to learn anything anyway. There must be a hidden agenda for the TTSAO to want trainer certification while training on fake trucks.

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