Map updates are now available for most in-vehicle GPS systems and Garmin portable navigation devices, among others, from NAVTEQ, the company that builds the digital maps. The company’s field analysts make millions of changes and additions to the maps between updates, covering road network changes and points-of-interest additions such as banks/ATMs, gas stations, restaurants and hotels. The updates aren’t especially cheap — US$69.99 for the North America map in a Garmin device, for example.

The newly redesigned NAVTEQ website – www.navigation.com — offers a one-stop shop for consumers looking to updater many in-vehicle systems. For other brands, the site offers a web link and/or hotline phone numbers for ordering map updates.

Map updates are also available at many online and retail stores like amazon.com, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart, to name a few. At garmin.com, the map updates are available via DVD or direct download from the site. Drivers can expect map updates for other portable navigation devices to be available soon.


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