Volvo revises LNG engine plans

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GOTHENBURG, Sweden – Volvo Trucks no longer intends to produce a compression ignition LNG engine for the North American market.

The company issued a statement today saying while it will continue to field-test dimethyl ether (DME) powered vehicles and will continue to offer spark-ignited natural gas engines in its VNM and VNL lines, the compression ignition liquefied natural gas (LNG) engine plans are on hold.

Volvo offered the following explanation for the decision:

“Development of the natural gas infrastructure to support long-haul trucking has been modest over the last year, and the needs of customers in the primary markets for natural gas vehicles—regional haul and dedicated routes—are being met with the company’s current natural gas line-up.

“Volvo Trucks continues to believe that DME—which can be produced from natural gas—holds promise as a heavy-truck fuel. Customer field tests of DME-powered vehicles will continue, but the company has decided not to establish a commercialization date as it continues monitoring market and stakeholder interest in the fuel.”

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