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Yokohama releases RY587 trailer tire (July 22, 2002)

FULLERTON, Calif. -- Yokohama Tire Corp. is releasing its newest premium-grade, long-haul trailer tire, the RY587 M...

FULLERTON, Calif. — Yokohama Tire Corp. is releasing its newest premium-grade, long-haul trailer tire, the RY587 MSC.

The new offering meets the increased maintenance demands of long-haul commercial truck drivers, the company says. Based on the successful design of the RY637 steer axle tire, launched last year, the new tire is designed for on-highway trailer applications and is available at dealerships now.

“With fuel and vehicle maintenance costs a constant concern for transportation companies,” says John Cooney, director of commercial sales for Yokohama, “our engineering teams have been relentless in pursuing cost-reducing designs.”

Yokohama addresses commercial truck driver needs with several critical design elements that make up the Maintenance Saving Concept (MSC) integral to the design of the RY587. Additionally, the tread design works to enhance the wet traction.

“The RY587 MSC is an example of our commitment to cost-saving and high-performance tire designs,” he adds.

The RY587 MSC reduces both suspension component wear as well as irregular tire wear, using technology developed on steer axle tires, like the RY637. The RY587 MSC also uses Yokohama’s proven Stress-wear Control Groove (SCG), which reduces tire and suspension component wear by minimizing pressure at the edge of the tread. Reduced pressure results in reduced free rolling wear and longer, even wear over the life of the tire. Stone ejector ribs prevent stones from reaching the bottom of the groove where premature casing damage can start.

Plus, Yokohama designed a unique Belt Edge Cushion and Edge Cover Sheet that bond together and allow steel belt flexibility. The additional flexibility reduces strain and increases the tire’s casing life.

Finally, Yokohama incorporated a fuel-efficient rubber compound into the design of the RY587 MSC. The compound, forged with exceptional curing technology, lowers the average cost per mile of the commercial trucker by providing long wear and reducing rolling resistance-without sacrificing grip.

The casing design is based on a computer-generated casing profile to maximize overall tire life by reducing heat and internal tire stress. Additionally the RY587 MSC is designed using existing Yokohama Strain Energy Minimization or STEM technology.

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