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MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — The warm spring weather had professional drivers and others looking for jobs in Canada’s trucking and logistics industries turning out in large numbers for Jobs Expo, hosted by Truck News and Road Today magazines.

The event, held April 6 at the International Centre, included nearly 100 exhibitors representing Canada’s best-known fleets and service providers from allied sectors. All were eager to fill jobs for professional drivers, owner-operators and non-driver positions such as accounting, administration, dispatch, mechanics, sales, marketing and many more.

“There were more drivers at this show than I have seen in several years and for good reason. Company drivers, owner-operators and even office staff should not miss. In fact, we have several interested drivers from the show coming to see me this morning,” said Michael Frolick, director safety and compliance, Transpro Freight Systems. “I truly look forward to the next one in September. You can rest assured Transpro will be there to support the event once again and for many more years to come.”

“The Jobs Expo was an excellent opportunity to connect recruiters with job-seekers looking to make a great career in the trucking, transportation and logistics sectors. We thank all exhibitors, sponsors and attendees for their overwhelming participation towards the success of Jobs Expo,” said Manan Gupta, general manager, Newcom South Asian Media.

Jobs Expo received wide support from outside the industry as well. The event was broadcast live across three of the top channels of the Asian Television Network (ATN).

The MTO and OPP staff were in attendance at the show too, sharing the latest information on commercial motor vehicle safety regulations and career opportunities.

Greetings from the province of Ontario were brought in by Deepak Anand, MPP from Mississauga-Malton.

Event sponsors included Volvo Trucks Canada and Texis Truck Exhaust.

The Jobs Expo, is part of the Newcom South Asian Media Company joint venture. The next Jobs Expo for Ontario will be held on September 14th in Mississauga.

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    However, gains in the sector did not carry over into the trucking industry, where payrolls declined by 1,200 in March. This marks the first decline in trucking employment since April 2018, ending a stretch which saw nearly 35,000 jobs added in the industry.

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    • There is a section on this website for Driver Recruitment . Why not post your ad there ? And why not post your recruiter toll free phone number and website link ???

      And by the way , your guaranteed yearly wage for new drivers amounts to approximately $23.xx an hour based on 70 hours a week . That’s quite low concerning specialized transportation hauling vehicles, in my humble opinion . And that’s without mentioning all the physical labour involved .

      And for those new drivers thinking about entering the specialized trade of hauling vehicles, have fun in winter !

      And when inspecting the vehicles you tend to haul , make sure you inspect underneath the vehicle to make sure it isn’t leaking gas from the gas tank and or motor oil ! Especially the one you’ll place above your cab ! Most don’t think of inspecting underneath the vehicle they intend to haul .

      You need to and can prevent this unfortunate potential occurrence :

      Car haulers are not built to protect the driver from such incidents .
      You need to be meticulous , vigilant and smart !

      Make sure to read and clearly understand any clause and the fine print in any contract you sign ………….

      Best of luck !