UTD | Kenworth W990 Driving Impressions

It wouldn’t be fair, after a couple of hours of driving, to judge the W990 against the W900L’s 18 years in the market, but I have to say it showed very well. If the truck had any other badge on it, I think early approval numbers would be off the chart.

“The W990 is not just a new version of the W900L. It’s a unique product,” says Kenworth Design Director Jonathan Duncan. “It’s a very different cab and the truck has very different proportions. We wanted to make sure it was a modern product. It will live in a world surrounded by modern design. Look at modern automotive design; people come to expect that in their trucks as well. This truck makes no apologies for what it is. It’s a proud truck for proud drivers.”

The new kid in town will have to elbow his way up to the bar and jostle a bit to find his place, but I’m confident the W990 will earn a spot on the order boards. It’s a great truck, even if its modern looks don’t yet appeal to some more conservative truck buyers.