It’s just lip service until you drink from the fountain of youth

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I’m sure there has yet to be a generation of young people who have not felt slighted by their predecessors.
And likely, along the same lines, there probably has yet to be a generation of decision-makers who has not wished the younger generation would shape up and perform the way they did in their youth. You know, the lectures that begin with, ‘back in my day…’ or ‘when I was young…’
Among the many issues facing the trucking industry, a severe driver shortage would probably be ranked on just about everybody’s Top 10 list. Numerous articles, discussion groups and management sessions, have been dedicated to tackling the pending problem.
At one point or another, one of the solutions to combating the dwindling employment of professional drivers, is to tap into the youth of today. Raise the profile of the industry and start attracting people at a younger age.
The idea is good in theory, but there seems to be few people willing to put the strategy into practice.
Rather than hearing success stories about hiring a young person and watching them grow into a positive contributor to a company, the stories told focus on not giving young people an opportunity.
Apparently, all young people want to get paid really well to do no work. Also, as the rumour goes, young people do not know anything about the industry and would not know how to handle any situation.
Considering the above paragraph is true for all young people, with no exceptions, it might be best to scratch young people off of any list of solutions for the driver shortage. Instead, replace young people with an actual fountain of youth, so the current aging employees of the industry can continue working forever.
Afterall, I’m sure nobody drove uphill both ways in the snow, just to be replaced by someone younger.

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