It’s time for truckers protesting in Ottawa to leave

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The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) was very disturbed with some of the images we saw and reports we heard out of Ottawa this past weekend. The desecration of national monuments of our fallen heroes, such as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and the statue of Terry Fox, were disgraceful and disrespectful acts.

The images we saw of people carrying the rebel flag, swastikas, wearing the yellow star of David, engaging in disrespectful behaviors and refusing to wear masks and follow public health guidelines while in public places, as well as stealing food from the Shepherds of Good Hope food kitchen were reprehensible acts that upset us all. Actions like this have no place in Canadian society, and do not represent the views of the industry, or those of Canadians, and must never be accepted.

The majority of the trucking industry, and the vast majority of drivers, were not involved in this convoy in any way, and continued to work to ensure our essential supplies were delivered.

For those drivers who were at the protest, and respectful, we thank you for protesting politely. We have even heard stories about a group of drivers who went to No Frills and purchased a bunch of food and donated it to the Shepherds of Good Hope. They also placed flowers at the war memorial after the actions mentioned above. Actions like these are what represent the vast majority of our industry and Canadians.

For the protesters that remain in Ottawa today, however, it is time to pack up and leave. Your message has been heard. The people of Ottawa should be allowed to get back to their lives, which have been disrupted for three days now.

People need to get to work, take their kids to school, and open their businesses – the very things some of the protesters claim to be fighting for. The people of Ottawa are not being allowed to do these things right now as a result of the continued gridlock of Ottawa’s neighborhoods.

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The convoy organizers have been able to raise a lot of funds as a result of this protest – more than $9 million at last count. If you haven’t already, to show your willingness to make reparations for the disgraceful actions of some, it would be a very nice gesture if you were to take some of the funds and make a donation to the Terry Fox Foundation, The Royal Canadian Legion as well as the Shepherds of Good Hope.

Many in the Trucking Industry, who were not at the protest, already have, as has the PMTC. It would also be a nice gesture to find a way to support some of the local Ottawa businesses that have been affected.

In recent days we have now seen land borders – Coutts, Alta., being the worst – being blockaded to impede traffic from crossing the international border. These actions slow international trade and put heavy constraints on an already strained supply chain. While the PMTC does not support vaccine mandates for truck drivers and has lobbied government to reconsider, we do not support the actions that have been taken in recent days.

To be clear, while we do not support the vaccine mandate regulations for truck drivers, the PMTC board is still in full support of people getting vaccinated. We believe in the science and the medical experts who tell us vaccinations are our best way out of this pandemic. We encourage everyone who can, to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Peaceful protests are allowed under the constitution, but when they begin to infringe on other citizens’ rights, their safety, ability to move freely, as well as their ability to make a living, that’s when things have been taken too far.

I am proud to have been part of this industry for 32 years, the first eight as a driver. It is a great industry, that is full of proud hardworking men and women. The events we saw this weekend, which have been attributed to our industry, have sullied the view of the industry in the eyes of many.

Although for the most part, this turned into more of a protest then it did a convoy, many in the public will still associate these actions with truckers. That is a shame, as many I have spoken with who were on the ground indicated passenger cars outnumbered trucks by a margin of at least 4:1, and the majority of the truckers there were peaceful, polite and respectful.  Nevertheless, when you allow yourself to become part of something that gets out of hand, there is a price that comes with it.

To those who don’t share the views of the minority of bad actors we saw this weekend with their use of language, signs, and actions, speak up! Defend your industry, defend yourself, and more importantly, defend your fellow human beings! Let’s ensure we always show what it means to be a proud Canadian and a proud part of this industry, by doing the right thing.

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Mike Millian is president of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada. He can be reached at

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  • What are your suggestions to a Prime minister dictator that thinks more of his own agenda ( not Canadians). He keeps saying my government “will not” Sorry but it is not YOUR government; it is the people of Canada’s government. I am in the trucking business also, almost 60 years now. Never has there been as much disrespect for an industry as this Prime Minister has shown to Canadas trucking industry

  • I and others have tried to get our points across
    Nothing was done even about the most basic items for sick and disabled truck drivers What are you going to do about these issues?

  • Yes, Mike…it is a downright shame that the people of Ottawa have ‘suffered’ for three whole days!
    Meanwhile the people of Canada have been ‘put through the wringer’ for
    nearly TWO YEARS…thanks to the dictatorial mandates!
    You had better do your homework and see exactly what these experimental
    ‘shots’ have done to the populace and especially small businesses.
    You can start by reading Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as he authored the book, The Real Anthony Fauci.
    The government lies are absolutely disgusting…not to mention a totally captured “press”…all of whom should be shut down!
    Watch what happens to the lawsuit propagated by Brian Peckford.
    Trudeau and his minions MUST Go…or our beautiful Canada will end up
    as a totally tyrannical spectacle!!!

    • The people of Ottawa are also the people of Canada. Please stop confusing Ottawa the symbol with Ottawa the city.

      While you continue to sneer at us, remember that many of us are also truckers, farmers, healthcare workers, and minimum wage employees. Truckers are essential and are amazing for continuing to do a very tough job. For many of us, it’s been tragic to see the truckers’ legitimate protest hijacked by organizers with an agenda that has little to do with vaccine mandates, and everything to do with encouraging hatred and rage.

      If thousands of people descended on your community to terrorize the population, clog the streets, harass and threaten women and children, damage property, pee on your monuments, and prevent you from going about your daily lives, you’d want them gone, too.

      The people of Ottawa can do absolutely nothing to make the federal government speak with the protestors, so it’s time for them to go home. Instead, they should be running for office, so that they can make their voices heard and effect true and lasting change. Instead, they’ve chosen to turn the lives of an entire city upside-down, based on the insane idea that Ottawa is a city filled with nothing but politicians, rather than a city that is home to hundreds of thousands of hardworking ordinary people. If we’re talking about tyranny, that’s a pretty good example right there.

      • The Canadian government system is not a democracy in the true sense. The head of state (Trudeau) dictates policy & the members of his party are told to tow the line or they will be removed. Just ask Judy Wilson Raybould. So telling us to run for parliament & have our voices heard is a complete farce. What Trudeau did to an honest & brave indigenous women was disgraceful. Trudeau broke the law a number of times at our expense & yet the sheep still reelect him. So I think we know who you voted for!!!! Damn the people protesting to get their freedoms back. Also you need to stop watching the MSM. Trudeau is proud to brag that he has paid off the media you worship.

  • Nice article. Oh, and if it isn’t obvious to some, the only reason why we have vaccine mandates is because of the people who refuse to get vaccinated. You only have yourselves to blame if your bull-headedness results in you not being welcome in the company of those of us who have our vaccinations and don’t want to get sick or die.

    • I think you need to look under the hood, pal…..this isn’t just about vaccine mandates. Do you really think that the thousands of supporters aren’t vaccinated? They are, so why are they there? Simply because people are tried of government control. And especially the lies….first we are told ‘masks dont work’, then closing the border is racist, then its herd immunity will save us, then its, once the population is mostly vaccinated we can resume. Well guess what, we are still mandated in varying degrees…think of the mental DAMAGE this has caused …especially to the young children…

  • Mike and I spoke freely about incidents that have happened over the weekend and thru this past week. And I am one of those truckers impacted by the blockade at Coutts. As well my life in the last year or so has also been affected by the shortage of available parts when my vehicle breaks down. Case n point today dealership is telling me the sensor I require thanks to EPA wanting DEF / DPF is not available anywhere in the world because china is not making it right now

    • Hey Ken.
      I think you are a little confused in your point. You clearly say that the needed part is not available because China isn’t producing it. How does that have anything to do with the truck protest near Coutts Alberta?
      Seems to me that the shortage of parts from China is a problem caused by North American companies wanting higher profits by having outsourced their parts production and jobs to foreign countries. Just another example of both misinformation and misdirection. It’s also another example of the great job that the governments have done at protecting the livelihood of some of the most talented workforce in the world.

  • Mike Millian

    your info that the Prime Minister is all lies because no one damaged anything Truckers !!!! Trudeau paid out 45,000.00 to ANTIFA to stir the shit .you want facts watch videos you will see instead of accusing drivers what they are doing is for mandates and freedom so please apologize to every single trucker for saying lies like this they are good people even Ottawa police said so .wake up !!!!!!

  • Wow Mikey!
    32 years in the industry, a whole 8 as a driver. Guess that goes to prove that old saying of those who can do, those who can’t dispatch or do something else.
    The more I read articles from people in this publication, the more I believe it to be part of the government’s broadcast network. Kind of like the Kremlin has TASS.
    You say you believe in the science. Well the science has thus far shown that, the vaccines do not work. Let me clarify. A vaccine, historically, prevents one from getting an illness such as Polio or Measles. Fully vaccinated people whom have 2 or 3 jabs now are still ending up sick in hospitals. In fact, they represent over half of the cases there in. The figure have not been released to the best of my knowledge, as to how many of these fully vaccinated people are among the new deaths.
    Judging by your article, and another one in this publication, I think that you have all been self isolating and working remotely far to long. Either that or you have lost touch with the reality of your readership.

    • A group of 3 legal professionals got names of almost 300 former drivers and foreign work permit drivers that are owed money in their opinion. This more about choice and the gov use of unlimited power against working people. I have 3 shots most of the truck drivers and former truck drivers came in by subway and had a least 2 shots. A large number of people are struggling and see people like these truck drivers as their best hope. I now several different numbers I can call if I need a place to sleep or relax

  • Mike Milan,,
    Why don’t you actually put your boots on the ground and go see and hear the facts , instead of reports on hear say and innuendo.
    Truck news is to support the truckers, Remember kid..if there is no trucking ,you don’t have any news to report.

  • The media is a joke they can’t separate lies from truth when it comes to the government they shouldn’t be in the media. The trucking industry has been a disaster in Canada for years fuel prices our tax deductions for meals cut in half back to 80% now all to do with the liberals the liberals have to go including our transportation minister that guy is a joke I don’t even think he’s been inside a truck in his life mister transportation minister go by yourself a truck and become a owner operator and go out there for at least five years you will learn what trucking is about because it is not good and Mr. Justin Trudeau he will not listen to anybody he is only a teacher that’s all he did in his life is teach and colour his face black and he taught that was a big joke well you know Mr. Justin Trudeau is a joke himself so we need to get rid of him why doesn’t the NDP and the PCs get together and get rid of this government it’s time like I say wake up smell the coffee thank you

  • Mike, I have spoken to you a handful of times over the years, and find you to be intelligent, and far more in touch with trucking than anyone at the OTA/CTA. If I was a private carrier, I would belong to the PMTC. That said, I will respectfully disagree with you on pretty much every point. Do you actually think it was a coincidence that a swastika appeared behind a CBC interview of a PC MP? Do you not think a large number of the drivers still delivering wish they could go support the protest?
    I am lucky enough to have a diverse group of friends from all walks of life. They ALL support this protest…including an optometrist, municipal manager, police officer, lawyer, firefighter, and get this…a highly respected immunologist.
    I think you missed the mark and the pulse of Canada on this one.

  • old news….I guess you are trying to inflame the issue. Its Feb 7, I get this email TODAY…after all is said and done, the protest has been more peaceful, then the native blockades, less disruptive then the native blockades… fact the main convoy, other than horns, been less disruptive then many many UNION strikes in the private sector.

    The government is trying to incite the truckers….this is NOT done in union strikes nor native blockades. NOR in the eco terrorists on pipeline protests either in the lower mainland, or up in central BC.

    Its shameful, that trucknews is even speaking on the matter let alone being critical. Lets be honest…the numbers of convoy supporters FAR greatly exceed the numbers of trucks…in fact I submit there are more farmers involved then trucks in Ottawa. YOU are denying the voice of the 100’s of thousands that are supporting this…..the convoy was simply a ‘vehicle’ for Canadians to rally behind. Hey isnt that your normal day job? A printed piece of marketing info, hoping to rally truckers to buy the products your advertisers promote?

    You are doing the industry and yourselves a disservice by getting involved in a basically, political matter. U lost my support..

  • Do you realize how bad it sounds and looks for you to repeat propaganda from people with zero credibility with anybody but a few true supporters. Your defending people who have become a joke on the news around the world.

  • So you too have fallen victim to mainstream media I see!! My Dad always said, speaking is Silver, Silence is Gold! Maybe , go to Ottawa yourself to see, or do your homework and search all media opinions and facts before you go of on a rant with Justin Castro at your side dropping $100. Bills in your pocket!