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Andy Transport launches power-only fleet

MONTREAL, Que. – Andy Transport has announced a new start-up that will provide trucks and drivers to customers with fluctuating transportation needs.

Tristan Cartage is a power-only fleet that will be marketed to for-hire carriers, private fleets, third-party logistics companies, and retailers, manufacturers and distributors.

“We often receive calls from customers and partner carriers, requesting Andy Transport to provide power-only services,” said Andreea Crisan, COO and executive vice-president of Andy. “But cartage services largely differ from Andy Transport’s usual operations, in terms of human resources, assets and dispatching. This is why we have launched Tristan Cartage, a power-only solution, offering a tractor and driver on demand, to counter the fluctuations in capacity, volume, and manpower of partner companies.”

“Tristan Cartage is based in Quebec and covers the Quebec-Ontario territory,” added Ilie Crisan, president of Andy. “We will provide a tractor and driver without any long-term commitment or business interruption. Our customers maintain control over the schedule and the routing, and benefit from cost savings by paying only for what they need.”

The company has a new website at

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