ELD company One20 suddenly closes its doors

by Truck News

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Electronic logging device (ELD) supplier One20 has announced it is going out of business.

With no prior warning, the Minnesota-based supplier of three apps and the devices to support them – One20 Maps, One20, and MyOne20 – posted a note on its website that it will cease operations on June 18.

Neither the apps nor the devices will work or receive support after that date, says the company.

One20 says they are folding despite their best efforts.

“We wish this wasn’t true, but sometimes you win and sometimes you take one on the nose. This time it’s our turn.”

The company was founded in 2015 with the aim of provided necessary logging and navigation devices for drivers at cost-effective pricing. The company targeted owner-operators, who may now be left scrambling to find a solution to keep them compliant after mid-June.

Looking to offer basic help to those needing another device in less than a month, One20’s website lists their recommended ELD companies, as well as a support email and phone number.

Refunds are being offered for those that have unopened devices purchased after March 18.

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