Kriska awards Harley-Davidson to winner of Fuel Reduction Challenge

PRESCOTT, Ont. — When the snow melts, Robert Lavergne will be riding high on the hawg.

The professional driver for Kriska was just awarded a Dyna Street Bob Harley-Davidson for winning the company’s first Fuel Reduction Challenge.

The Harley, valued at about $17,000, went to the driver who demonstrated the best fuel economy improvement over the course of the past year. Drivers were divided into categories based on equipment type and route and then compared against their peers, explained Denise Elliott, Kriska’s safety manager.

“Robert was a perfect guy to win, it could not have played out any better,” she told “He’s one of those guys who gets things done and does everything by the rules.”

Jonathan Wahba, chief operating officer at Kriska, agreed.

“I’m especially pleased for Robert, who generated some truly remarkable results for the company this year, and is now the well-deserved and proud owner of a brand new Harley,” he said.

Robert Lavergne, right, is handed the keys to a new Harley Davidson by Kriska boss Mark Seymour.
Robert Lavergne, right, is handed the keys to a new Harley Davidson by Kriska boss Mark Seymour.

Kriska came out a winner as well. Elliott said the program helped the company reduce its fuel consumption by nearly 0.1 miles per imperial gallon in 2014, presenting a total savings of about $1.1 million based on $4 per gallon and 33.7 million miles run. Its fleet-wide fuel consumption improved from 7.05 miles per imperial gallon in 2013 to 7.51 in 2014. Of course, Elliott said some of this savings can be attributed to newer, better-spec’d trucks, driver training and other variables as well.

However, Kriska is convinced the Fuel Reduction Challenge played a role and is fine-tuning the competition for 2015. In an effort to make the contest appeal to a wider population of drivers – including those who don’t ride – and to level the playing field further, it is adjusting the rules.

The top 10% of drivers in every category will receive $25 gift cards each month, as well as a ballot they can enter into a ballot box. At the end of the year, a $10,000 grand prize will be awarded to whoever’s name is drawn from among the previous winners.

“Developing a continuous improvement culture relative to fuel economy is a long-term goal for us at Kriska, and includes both our associates who are over the road, as well our office support staff,” Wahba said. “From how we spec’ the trucks, to where we purchase fuel, to improving our drivers’ habits behind the wheel, we are delighted with the progress we’ve realized over the past 12 months.”



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