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Morrice Transportation hikes pay rates

WINDSOR, Ont. – Morrice Transportation has announced it’s hiking pay rates for drivers.

The increases, set to go into effect Jan. 1, will be about five cents a mile.

“I have had multiple drivers call to ask me about the raise, and are ecstatic to hear that most drivers will be seeing a five cents a mile increase to their base wage alone, on top of which our current accessorial pay and bonuses are factored in,” said Amanda Matalik, human resources manager. “As I have told our drivers, Morrice appreciates the hard work that our drivers commit to every day in order to make operations run smoothly, and hope that their dedication will continue as we grow and expand in the new year.”

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  1. Chris says:

    I doubt it’s due to driver appreciation. It’s because there is a huge driver shortage and companies have had stagnant wages for a long time and now they need to be competitive.

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