MTA accuses province of pulling “fast one” on province’s truckers

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WINNIPEG, Man. — In a strongly worded letter to members, Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) chief Bob Dolyniuk has warned of potential 400% fee increases that will affect some of the province’s trucking companies.

According to the MTA, the province plans to eliminate the ‘T’ licence place category, requiring trucking companies that fall under this category to register as ‘PSV’ or  ‘CT’ vehicle users. This will see them face licensing fee increases of up to 400%, the MTA claims.

The changes are included in Bill 41: The Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Enhanced Safety Regulation of Heavy Motor Vehicles). However, Dolyniuk said the elimination of the T class is not about improving safety, but rather increasing revenues on the backs of truckers.

Historically, T plates cost less to register because those vehicles are restricted in their scope of operation. They can only operate within a city or municipality within the province if they are hauling designated or exempt commodities, Dolyniuk explained in the letter. Registering as a PSV or CT vehicle will allow these operators to haul anything, anywhere, for anyone – but at a much higher fee.

“There was no need for the government to do this. It could have quite easily made legislative amendments to make all T plate operators with a GVWR greater than 4,500 kg subject to all aspects of the National Safety Code,” Dolyniuk blasted. “In their zeal to generate more revenue this government is going to cause some businesses to close and others to lay off workers and sell some of their equipment (assuming there is still a

market left). One company with 10 units will see its registration cost increase from $6,854 per year to $21,104 per year. That’s a 308% increase. Another member will see a $100,000 (338%) increase. Overall this will cost T plate operators millions of dollars in additional licensing costs each year.”

The MTA plans to fight the changes, and is urging any affected members to lobby against the rule as well. Carriers can contact the Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly at 2049453636 to make their feelings known.

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  • just another way a majority ndp government is going to squash small business!…as if a 1% pst hike isn’t gonna hurt every mb resident enough now it is time to kill small business!…really time to get out of this province!

  • Way to go NDP! Bob Rae tried to spend us out of debt in Ontario during his reign, it screwed everyone well.

  • Just think if food prices went up 400% There would be rioting in the streets. Puts a little perspective on the huge increase put on the shoulders of truckers.