OTA working with Facility Association on insurance matters

by Truck News

TORONTO, Ont. – The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) says it is working with the Facility Association (FA) to work out problems with the system and to review its national strategy.

The FA insures commercial fleets that are unable to get insurance through traditional insurers. It operates in nine jurisdictions, including Ontario

The OTA wants to know why there’s a growing number of trucking fleets being insured with the FA. It has also learned that there is some abuse within the system, which raises the costs for other fleets.

“When applied for and issued properly, insurance with Facility Association has a legitimate and important role in supporting the trucking industry,” said Stephen Laskowski, president of OTA. “Our goal in partnering with the Facility Association is not to eliminate these legitimate uses, but rather to review with insurance regulators the existing Commercial Residual Market insurance policy framework and ensure the proper rating of carriers that reflects road safety and fleet responsibility in this market. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Facility Association and insurance regulators to address such matters.”

The OTA says the Facility Association has expressed shared interest and support for OTA’s goals.

“The trucking industry looks forward to working with the Facility Association Insurance Working Group to ensure all fleets are properly assessed and rated from a road safety perspective and that a level playing field is maintained in the commercial insurance industry,” said OTA chairman David Carruth.

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  • Welcome to Facility Insurance You Earned It

    You end up in Facility because you likely crash your trucks, driver abuse the equipment like crazy, and a company wrecks their customers freight and your Carrier Profile is a disaster. All this goes on year after year and no one can or will, do anything about it.
    Welcome to Facility Insurance you earned it.

    • Or your insurance broker pocket the premium s for 3 years and you ran trucks all over the U.S. and Canada with no insurance even though you paid for the insurance. 5195239586.

  • Stephen Laskowski should make sure that safety conscious carriers are rewarded by insurance companies and the rest that don’t really care about public safety have to be penalized by the mathematics of the actuarial scientists. Interfering with that process is disrespectful to his members!