Protect your cargo this Memorial Day Weekend, CargoNet warns

by Truck News

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — With Memorial Day weekend looming in the US, CargoNet is reminding drivers and carriers to be vigilant to prevent cargo theft.

CargoNet indicates over the past four years, there were 98 cargo thefts reported between the Wednesday before Memorial Day weekend and the Wednesday after. The highest rates came from Florida and California, however there were also significant losses reported in Texas, Georgia and New Jersey.

Cargo was most often stolen when loads sat in warehouses, truck stops and terminal lots. During this one-week period, 48% of loads were taken during the weekend, with Saturday experiencing the highest rates. The average load stolen over this time was worth US$200,000. Thirty-one per cent of stolen loads were food and beverages.

Here are some notable thefts, as reported by CargoNet: $2.92 million of electronics stolen out of Memphis, Tenn.; $296,000 worth of baby apparel stolen from a warehouse in San Bernardino, Calif.; 42 pallets of laptops stolen from a truck stop in Fontana, Calif.; and $57,000 worth of produce taken from a truck on the side of the road in Pearl, Ms.



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