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Purolator drivers vote to strike

TORONTO, Ont. – Purolator drivers voted 97.4% in favor of strike action, according to the Teamsters union that represents them.

Membership has not yet authorized strike action and the bargaining committee has not set a strike deadline, the union said in a note to members.

“Our hope is that management will now rethink their positions on the issues that brought bargaining to a standstill. Many of the company demands are not acceptable to Teamster members,” the note, by chairman of the negotiating committee Gary Kitchen and Teamsters Canada president Francois Laporte, read.

“We started this process trying to find common ground with Purolator. We remain committed to negotiating in fairness and good faith, and this vote makes it clear that we expect the same from the company. Hopefully negotiations will resume in the near future.”

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3 Comments » for Purolator drivers vote to strike
  1. HEATHER says:

    When given the choice of Purolator, FedEx or UPS, we choose Purolator. If you take this choice away from us, then there is no guarantee that you would be getting all the business back if the other couriers could service in the same time frame and at a compaable price. Please keep talking, we don’t want to lose you !

  2. Bill Tyler says:

    Well, if that’s the case and Purolator goes on strike, we will find another carrier and will NEVER, EVER use Purolator again. They can stay out on strike forever for all we care and we ship hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods each and every year.

  3. shaniqua says:

    get back to work ASAP!!!!!

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