Trucks travelling 407ETR still experiencing double-billing: Report

by Truck News

TORONTO, Ont. — Trucking companies using the 407 Express Toll Route north of Toronto say they’re increasingly frustrated by the double-billing that occurs.

A CTV News report said trucking firms are sometimes billed twice, as the responder inside the tractor and the trailer licence plate are both recorded entering and exiting the highway, with a bill generated for each of them for the same trip.

Wilkins Tri Axle of Brantford, Ont., told CTV that it was billed $47,000 for duplicate trips over an eight-year period. It’s up to the trucking company to catch the errors and then call in to have them overturned.

Failure to pay the bills can result in the province refusing to renew company licence plates. For its part, the 407ETR said such billing errors are “rare.” You can read the full CTV report here.

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